Avnet Singh Marwa (Avnet Singh Marwa) started the discussion, emphasizing the role of AI in our daily lives. “The biggest interference in the past four years has come from smartphones. Now, we will move to the largest screen, the smart TV. The largest screen at home is connected to all smartphone devices. Everything will pass through your voice; your voice will become you.

Our vision is to extend artificial intelligence technology through platform partner Google. Krupesh Bhat added: “A great financial technology revolution has occurred in India, isn’t it? Now, banks and financial institutions are using our technology to digitally integrate users. Considering the importance of the Internet of Things, Rakesh Merti emphasized how data should be handled: “Because there are too many dimensions involved, data can be collected and collected through the Internet of Things.

This data is used for immediate verification, so you should submit some comments. This is called event handling. When talking about India’s digital potential, Suhale Kapoor added: “She owns large multinational companies operating outside India.They see India as a bed of innovation. Many multinational consumer product companies are actually building AI platforms and testing them first in the Indian market. When they succeed, they will replicate them all over the world.

AI is highly scalable…. The requirement now is that if you are a funded start-up, you need a team of analysts… This is not only data, but also how to use them. In order to summarize the areas we should focus on and provide advice to young entrepreneurs, Avnet Singh Marwah explained: “I want to base it on a few things. First of all, privacy. We don’t have laws and India has no strict regulations. 4-5 Years ago, we never thought we would come here. Android TV made in India.

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I see a very bright future. The only problem is that the Indian government should develop a long-term policy that benefits young entrepreneurs. Krupesh Bhat added This line of thinking: “Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to commercialize this AI so that all companies can use it. Artificial intelligence is even becoming a part of everyone’s life; it has become a basic technology. …Big companies can solve big data problems, so you don’t have to develop your own algorithms.

In addition to the interview, Rajesh Murthy explained: “I have two suggestions: When starting a business, be sure to comply with the law from the beginning. If the customer complies with the GDPR, your supplier will become the supplier n = the supplier must also Comply with GDPR. Secondly, the government is doing a lot of things in implementing huge IoT technologies.

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