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Inspera is leading European e-assessment provider where it allow candidate to get direct secure inspera login access through portal.

Inspera Assessment was made to give all test-takers the same chances and give them a real way to show off their skills. We give universities, awarding bodies, governments, cities, and schools the tools they need to give secure, standardised, open-book, closed-book, formative, and diagnostic tests.

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Why Inspera is Useful?

Inspera has the most creative, trustworthy, and secure online assessment platform, and they have the knowledge to make sure that it is integrated and rolled out successfully across the complete organisation. We are a dedicated multinational team of more than 130 EdTech entrepreneurs who have been working together since 1999. Our mission is to change education around the world.

How To Enable Inspera Login Exam Portal

  1. Go to the Security options in the Delivery module.
  2. Click on Safe Exam Browser for PC and Mac > Advanced options > Enable Inspera Exam Portal.
  3. Set your SEB password and your Invigilator password.
  4. Choose a policy for security. Choose one of the following from the Security Policy drop-down menu: (Strict / Moderate / Open / None)
  5. Click Enable Assistive Technologies to turn on Assistive Technologies in Moderate.
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If a candidate needs to take more than one test at the same time, you shouldn’t choose the option to “Automatically close lockdown browser when test is finished.” If a candidate has other tests in their dashboard that they can take, they can do so while in IEP.

How To Login Inspera @ Inspera Exam Portal and Inspera Smarter Proctoring

Inspera Login

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account………

How To Login Inspera Exam Portal

Inspera Exam Portal

To get Exam portal login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account………

How To Reset Inspera Login Passwords

When Safe Exam Browser for PC and Mac is turned on, you will need to set the following passwords:

Inspera Invigilator password Method:

The password for the Invigilator will be filled in automatically with a string of 5 letters and numbers. You can change this to be any string of 5–7 letters and numbers you want. Some of the things an invigilator can do in an assessment require this password. You can’t leave this field blank.

Inspera SEB password Method:

The SEB password, which is also called the SEB Pin by candidates, must have 6 characters. There must be at least one letter and one number in it. Only printable ASCII characters are supported, not characters from other languages.

How To Inspera Login Candidates Change Wi-Fi

This is a good choice if there are more than one wifi network where you are. If a candidate loses connection to a wifi network, they can switch to another wifi without leaving IEP.

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Note that MacOS and Windows have different limits, so IEP can act differently depending on whether it’s being used on a Mac or a Windows computer.

  1. Mac: The candidate is free to switch between any of the available wifi networks.
  2. Windows: The computer has to know about the wifi network, which means it has to have been connected to it before. Only known WiFi networks will show up in SEB’s list of networks.

What is Inspera Accessibility Technology?

By turning on Assistive Technologies, you can use screen readers during the whole test. IEP doesn’t tell the candidates which screen reader programmes they can use during the test.

Only the Moderate Security Policy gives you the option to turn on Assistive Technologies. In Open, None, and Strict Security Policies, assistive technologies are not taken into account.

Inspera FAQ’s

  1. How do I access Inspera?

My Inspera online exam submission has been lost, what should I do? Enter your login details into Inspera, navigate to the Exams tab, and then click on the relevant exam to view your submitted exam script in the Archive section. The site will soon provide a student-friendly quick reference guide.

  1. How do I log into Inspera portal?

When to Use the Inspera Exam Portal and How to Enable It

  1. Access the Safety settings in the Delivery tab.
  2. To activate the Inspera Exam Portal, go to Safe Exam Browser for PC & Mac > Options > Advanced > Enable.
  3. Create a password for the SEB and one for the Invigilator.
  4. Select a Security Plan.
  5. Does Inspera record your screen?
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You will need to install the Inspera Exam Portal software on your computer in order to take proctored exams. With this programme, you can take the test while also having your screen, microphone, and camera recorded.

  1. How do Inspera exams work?

Inspera is a platform for testing online that the University uses for online exams. During your test, every seven seconds, Inspera will automatically save your answers. If you are connected to the Internet, the answers are saved in the cloud. They are also saved locally if your computer goes offline for any reason.

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