The White House Covid-19 test kit at Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi; an Italian oxygen plant at ITBP Hospital in Greater Noida; a French oxygen plant at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi; and an Irish oxygen plant at PGI in Chandigarh. As the Covid curve rises, global and Indian aid is deviating from the 16-year policy of avoiding foreign aid, oxygen equipment and essential drugs.

They entered hospitals in Delhi and other regions from abroad. At least 14 countries have begun to ship their materials by air and sea, and mainly to national hospitals. Ireland and France: Some countries/regions provide oxygen concentrators, some countries/regions provide oxygen systems, some countries/regions provide ventilators, and other countries/regions provide rapid test kits and essential medicines. A pulse oximeter from the United States was taken to Safdarjung Hospital.

The US screening kit used by the White House has been shipped to Safdarjung, AIIMS Jhajjar, ICMR and Madame Harding School of Medicine. A large oxygen plant in the United States has received 20 large oxygen generators, 75 fans and 150 bedside cabinets from Russia. These equipment have been shipped to the Lady Hardinge Medical School in New Delhi.

Of the 200,000 flavipiravir (an oral antiviral) from Russia, 25,000 went to Safdarjung Hospital, 30,000 went to Rishikesh AIIMS, and 40,000 gave AIIMS In Jodhpur, 10,000 people gave AIIMS Rai Bareilly, 30,000 people gave RML-Hospital, 38,000 people brought over to AIIMS Delhi and donated 25,000 to AIIMS Jhajjar. German Ambassador Walter J. Lindner said that the 120 fans sent to India were from the German government to the Indian government, but there were more fans from the private sector.

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Lindner told Indian Express: “Tatas has imported 20 portable oxygen cylinders, and FICCI and German companies are supplying 1,500 oxygen concentrators.” He added that it will be installed on two A-400 aircraft for the Indian military. A huge oxygen system. Officials at the hospital said the government has been receiving aid since April 27: Britain, Ireland, Romania, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Taiwan, Kuwait, France, Thailand, Germany, Uzbekistan, Belgium and Italy.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, India received 1,764 oxygen concentrators, 1,760 oxygen cylinders, seven oxygen systems, 450 ventilators and more than 135,000 bottles of remdesivir on May 4. Sent when “urgent needs” and “high load conditions” are there in the country.

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