Material Production and Distribution is conceivably the primary subsystems of the Distance Education and Open Learning System. Material Production and Distribution Division (MPDD) handles the creation and dissemination of self-instructional material for various university undertakings and courses.

As indicated by the varsity’s assertion, the exam material is accessible in a mechanical structure on the IGNOU site (e-Gyankosh) and IGNOU e-content App. Understudies can download the examination material from these entries by downloading their portable applications from the Google Play store on their versatile.

While taking insistence or enlisting for another gathering in the school, the understudies are offered a 15% cost discount settling on sensitive copies or progressed books due to IGNOU study material. The school will limit 15% of affirmation charges to the monetary equilibrium in the wake of choosing something the same. The understudies can find their course material on the online doorway, for instance, e-GyanKosh.

Is eGyanKosh an independent body? How do they work?

eGyanKosh is an advanced storehouse or an entry that is useful to store, list, protect, disseminate and share the examination materials delivered by the open and distance learning foundations. It contains the IGNOU Study Material and any remaining learning establishments’ examination material, with all copyrights saved by India Gandhi National Open University. This gateway also incorporates youtube and Facebook live recordings for the students to gain from the visual clarifications.

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What are the Subtitles given on IGNOU Study Material Status?


  • Program code
  • Medium
  • RC code
  • Name of the up-and-comer
  • Correspondence address
  • Anticipated date of conveyance
  • Parcel number
  • Name of the academic meeting
  • Standardized identification


How can I check my Ignou Study Material dispatch and delivery status?

For the understudy’s comfort, the college gives the connection on its authority site to check their investigation material’s dispatch status.

At whatever point the new confirmations are affirmed, the college updates the connection on its authority site, which shows whether the investigation material of an understudy has been dispatched or not.

It very well may be checked online at

How can I get or download the Ignou study material?

To View/Download, IGNOU Study Material first register at Select enlistment type and press <GO Key> and fill in the Registration Form. You will get mail containing a unique URL. At the point when you visit this URL, you should fill in some specific data. For more information and your queries, please stay tuned here for details.

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