Hunter x Hunter, arguably the most popular manga series ever, has finally returned.Four years after the series’ last volume, Yoshihiro Togashi’s internationally acclaimed manga Hunter x Hunter will resume with a brand new book volume. Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter will be released to the public on November 4, 2022.

Hunter X Hunter volume 37 release date

Hunter x Hunter is returning to manga shelves. On November 4, the Shonen Jump Twitter account revealed that the release date for Volume 37 in Japan would be November 4. Polygon has reached out to Viz Media to confirm when this volume will be made available in the United States.The last chapter of the Hunter x Hunter manga was published in 2018. Writer Yoshihiro Togashio has to take regular vacations from his work because of major and ongoing health problems.

Readers in the United States can catch up on the Hunter x Hunter manga in print form, with volumes 1-36 currently available. Download the Shonen Jump app to read the series digitally. You should start reading Hunter x Hunter immediately if you want to be caught up before the show’s comeback.

History of The Manga Series Hunter X Hunter

Hunter begins in the last millennium, more precisely in 1998. Throughout its life, it was serialised in the magazine Weekly Shnen Jump. No problems arose over the first eight years of the manga’s serialisation.It’s been a trend for Hunter Hunter to go on indefinite breaks since 2006, the most recent of which (2018) lasted way too long.

Manga artist Togashi’s back issues were to blame for the long hiatuses.Those who follow the series have been naturally irritated and impatient due to the erratic release schedule.An entire franchise was inspired by the 20-year-plus success of the manga series Hunter × Hunter.

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The original television anime series of Hunter x Hunter ran on TV from 1999 to 2001 and consisted of 62 episodes. A further 148 episodes (six seasons) of the adaptation aired from 2011 to 2014. In addition to the thirty episodes of the OVA series that aired from 2002 to 2004, there are also two animated feature films.

Before the manga went on pause for the first time in 2006, the original Hunter Hunter anime series was ranked third on TV Asahi’s list of Japan’s 100 top animated TV series, behind only Fullmetal Alchemist (which ranked first) and Doraemon. In the bottom twenties.

Previewing #37 of “Hunter Hunter”: What to Look Forward to?

Before the hiatus, most Hunter X Hunter volumes featured 10 chapters; the author published Volume 36, with chapters 371–380, right before the pause. Dates for the beginning and ending of the book are October 4, 2018, and August 6, 2019, respectively.

Yoshihiro Togashi published Chapters 381–390 before taking his longest break, yet fans still don’t have access to a collection of the chapters. Hunter X Hunter Volume 37, due out on November 4, 2022, will provide a list of previously released chapters.

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