Hunter Biden Net Worth Bio, Career and Controversy

Hunter Biden Net Worth

Hunter Biden, son of the President, has a net worth of over $240 million and a yearly income of over $18 million. Hunter Biden is worth more than $130 million. To know more about Hunter Biden Net Worth: Bio, Career and Controversy read the whole article.

Hunter Biden Bio

On February 4, 1970,Hunter Biden was born in Delaware; he is the second son of President Joe Biden. Neilia, have a son named Biden. In 1972, both his mom and little sibling were murdered in a car accident. Both Robert and Beau, his older brother, were hurt, but they pulled through.Neither brother was able to leave the hospital for a very long time. In 1977, Hunter and Beau’s stepmother Jill Jacobs married Joe Biden at the two men’s encouragement.

Hunter Biden Career

After completing Yale Law School in 1996, his father’s Senate campaigns benefited from his son’s first job with MBNA, a bank holding company. Later, during the Clinton administration, he worked in the US Department of Commerce, and President George W. Bush appointed him to the Amtrak board of directors.

He was 43 years old when he left the lobbying industry to join the United States Navy Reserve. His age and prior drug-related charges were waived in order to appoint him as part of a programme designed to bring in desirable skills to the military.

However, a urinalysis the following month revealed he was using cocaine, leading to his administrative discharge from the military. Although Hunter Biden publicly claimed he had smoked a cocaine-laced cigarette by accident, he ultimately decided not to appeal his termination.

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Disputes over Hunter Biden’s laptop

When Hunter Biden’s laptop was damaged by water, he took it to “The Mac Shop” in Delaware. The owner of the laptop has now reclaimed it after Biden failed to return it.

This laptop was full of information regarding Hunter’s business operations and personal scandals, including documents, emails, and messages.The contents of the laptop owned by Hunter Biden are under question, but the notebook itself is legitimate.

The Democratic Party, his father, and the Biden White House and party all attest to Hunter Hunter Biden’s abilities as a lawyer and his recovery from substance abuse.They claim that neither Hunter nor President Biden has engaged in any unlawful lobbying or business dealings.

They justify the actions of the corporate media and Big Tech by saying they had no reason to reveal the story before the 2020 election.

Hunting Republican

Hunter Biden, his father Joe, and his uncle James are involved in shady influence peddling, according to former President Trump, countless Republicans, and conservative media.

Those who believe Trump lost because of Hunter Biden’s shady behaviour with drugs, alcohol, and loose women say the media and Big Tech covered it up.They say that if one of Trump’s adult children had been involved, the incident would not have been covered up.

They claim that Hunter’s illegal dealings with the Ukrainian company Burisma and the Chinese gas firm Sinopec harm national security by damaging public trust in the presidency and the President’s ability to make decisions without external pressure.

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