When talking to pals online, you may choose WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook groups where only your friends may see your posts, images, or tales. Most social networking sites let you create a private network of contacts and preferences. Twitter’s Circle function allows you to share tweets with a chosen few contacts instead of the globe.

What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle lets you post tweets to a smaller audience. You can choose who will be in your Twitter Circle, and only those people can react to and interact with your tweets. This functionality is universal on iOS, Android, and

Twitter Circles are limited to 150 people. Twitter users you don’t follow can be added to your circle. Once added, they’ll see shared tweets and replies. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on creating a Twitter Circle and sharing tweets.

How to use Twitter Circle

Join Twitter using your computer or mobile device.
When you tap your profile picture, a navigation bar appears on the side of the screen.
Find the Twitter Circles menu and select it.
After a prompt appears, you can begin utilising the new function. The functionality of Twitter Circle will be explained in a second overlay. If you understand this, please click the “Got it” button.
Then, a window will appear where you may make changes to your Twitter Circle.
Twitter will recommend folks to follow depending on who already follows you. Here is where you’ll be able to add people to your Twitter Circle.
After you have created a Twitter Circle, you can simply make a tweet and choose to send it to the Twitter Circle.

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