After being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube earlier in 2021, the former American president Donald Trump started his own social media platform called Truth Social. Trump’s app is currently accessible for download on the Apple App Store, and Android app platforms are anticipated to receive it soon.

Describe Truth Social.

Donald Trump proposed the concept for the programme, called Truth Social, in an effort to challenge the “dictatorship of the digital titans” who have “used their unilateral authority to crush dissenting voices in America.” Trump was criticising social media behemoths like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube with his comments because these platforms blocked him following the Capitol riots of January 6, 2021. Devin Nunes, a fellow Republican lawmaker and the former head of the House Intelligence Committee, will serve as the platform’s leader.

Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. shared a screenshot of the former president’s first post on Truth Social earlier last week, indicating how similar the platform is to its microblogging rival. Similar to Twitter, Truth Social offers tools for users to like, react, and share posts with followers while also allowing users to follow subjects and other individuals. However, it is important to note that Indian consumers are currently unable to access the portal. This article has described how to sign up for a brand-new account on the Truth Social app. Truth Social App is the name of a new application recently introduced by Trump Media & Technology Group, also known as TMTG.

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How to create an account on Truth Social app on Android & IOS

Please follow the procedure listed below step-by-step to create an account on truth Social.
1. Get Truth Social through the Apple Appstore.
2. Open the Truth Social App after you have successfully downloaded it.
3. To begin the signup process on the Truth Social app, click Create a new account.
4. If you experience this problem: An error occurred. Please try once more. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of demand, so don’t worry. Try again in ten minutes, and you will probably be able to use it.
5. Type in your birthday. Make sure you type it in accurately because you may need it to regain your account. Truth Social is not available to users under the age of 18.
6. After entering your birthdate, type in your true email address. After entering your email address, truth Social should send you an email notification. Click on it to confirm your email address. Please check the Gmail spam and promotion folder if you haven’t received the email.
7. Moving on to the following action: If you wish to use the same password each time you access the app, type it in here. (This term must include at least eight letters, including digits and unique symbols like #$%@*&!)
8. Choose the username you want to use. Ensure that it is original.
9. Bravo! You’ve successfully created an account on truth social. To open a new account on truth social, kindly forward this article to your loved ones.

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What Characteristics Define Truth Social?

1. Truths

To keep up with what is occurring in the news and among the people you follow, scroll through the feed. “Truths” refers to the posts on the Truth Social App.

2. Mentions

From the app’s notifications page, you can also check who followed your profile, who made mention of you in their Truths (posts), and other information.

3. Retruth, Like, and Reply

In the app, you can Like, Reply, and Redruth. Redruth is, to put it simply, reposting or retweeting.

4.Direct Messages

You can directly send messages to anyone on the platform, but you can only do so if their profile is public and hasn’t been set to private.

Block and Report

Additionally, you can choose to mute, block, or report any Truth Social user.

To sum up:

You should have learned how to establish an account on the Truth Social app after reading this article, hopefully. 
You can create an account as soon as the app is available and begin using it. 
Please let us know in the comments area whether or not you found this blog to be useful.

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