Download Trust Wallet and use Uniswap to purchase Kishu Inu (KISHU). On Uniswap, you will be able to exchange Ethereum for Kishu Inu. You must first buy Ethereum from Binance and transfer it to Trust Wallet.

Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a community-based cryptocurrency that provides instant rewards to its users. When you keep it in your wallet, you’ll earn 2% on every transaction made on the network.

On Trust Wallet, you may purchase this cryptocurrency in the following ways:

  1. Trust Wallet can get downloaded for free.
  • To begin, you must first download and install Trust Wallet on your mobile device. Search for “Trust Wallet” on the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Then, open Trust Wallet after downloading it. Create a new wallet and tap “Continue” twice once you’re in the app.
  • Make a copy of your recovery phrase and save it somewhere secure.
  • Finally, double-check that your recovery phrase is correct by touching the words in the order. Your wallet will get successfully generated once you’ve tapped the words in the order.

  1. On Trust Wallet, paste your Ethereum address.
  • You’ll be able to receive, transmit, and swap cryptocurrencies now that you’ve set up your wallet.
  • There, you notice a list of cryptocurrencies in your wallet, including “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum,” “BNB,” and “Smart Chain.”
  • To access your Ethereum wallet, tap “Ethereum.” You’ll notice four options on your Ethereum wallet: “Send,” “Receive,” “Copy,” and “More.”
  • To copy your Ethereum address to Trust Wallet, tap “Copy.”

  1. Binance is a place to get Ethereum.
  • On Trust Wallet, you must use Ethereum to purchase Kishu Inu (KISHU). Kishu Inu can only get used on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore you won’t be able to utilize BNB.
  • Binance is a place to start if you’re looking to buy Ethereum. That is because, among other cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance has one of the lowest fees (0.1 percent).
  • On Trust Wallet, you can also buy Ethereum. The costs on Trust Wallet, on the other hand, are excessively high. Thus it is not advised. To begin, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Binance.
  • You can use the referral link above to create an account if you haven’t already. Purchase a minimum of 0.1 Ethereum using the Binance app.
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  1. Your Ethereum will get transferred from Binance to Trust Wallet.
  • On Binance, go to the bottom navigation bar and tap the wallet icon. Then, to open your Ethereum wallet, tap on “Ethereum.”
  • After that, hit “Withdraw” to get your Ethereum.
  • Copy the address from the second step and paste it on the “Withdraw ETH” screen.
  • Select “ERC20” in the “Network” field. Make sure ERC20 gets picked because it is the standard for all smart contracts on the Ethereum network.
  • Enter the amount of Ethereum you’re transferring to Trust Wallet in the “Amount” section. You must withdraw at least 0.1 Ethereum.
  • Finally, hit “Withdraw” to send Ethereum to your Trust Wallet.

  1. Make a note of Kishu Inu’s address.
  • Search for “Kishu Inu” on Kishu Inu can also be found on CoinMarketCap by following this link:
  • Look for the “Contracts” area once you’ve arrived at Kishu Inu. Then, to copy Kishu Inu’s address, touch on the duplicate icon.

  1. Use Trust Wallet to paste Kishu Inu’s address.
  • In the upper-right corner of your wallet, tap the Settings symbol. Find a list of cryptocurrencies you can enable/disable after tapping on the Settings icon.
  • You’ll need to add Kishu Inu to your wallet because it’s missing. Paste Kishu Inu’s address (which you should have copied in the fifth step) into the search field.
  • Enable Kishu Inu by pressing the switch. Kishu Inu will be added to your wallet once you’ve activated it, and you’ll be able to see how much you own of it.

  1. On Trust Wallet, enable the DApp browser.
  • The DApp browser on the app allows you to utilize a variety of decentralized applications.
  • To use it, first open your mobile device’s browser.
  • For this, you can use Safari or Chrome. Then paste “trust:/browser enable” into the URL field (without quotation marks).
  • After that, touch “Go” and then “Open” to access the Trust Wallet page.
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  1. Swap Ethereum for Kishu Inu on Uniswap.
  • To use the DApp browser, press “Browser.” You’ll find “PancakeSwap” and “Uniswap” under the “Popular” heading.
  • Then, to access the Uniswap Exchange, press “Uniswap Exchange.” “Select a token” is the first option.
  • In the search bar, paste Kishu Inu’s address (which you copied in step five). To import Kishu Inu to Uniswap, tap on “Import.”
  • Enter the amount of Ethereum you want to swap for KISHU after you’ve imported Kishu Inu to Uniswap.
  • You may check your KISHU balance in your Trust Wallet after you’ve switched.

This is all about the buying guide of Kishu Inu. We hope you have enjoyed reading the same and found it informative. For more updates, stay connected with us.

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