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On the Binance Smart Chain, CumRocket is a relatively new cryptocurrency. PancakeSwap and CumRocket’s trade, CumSwap, both have it. BNB tokens can get exchanged for CUMMIES tokens on PancakeSwap and CumSwap.

Since its inception in April 2021, CumRocket, a Binance Smart Chain initiative, has undergone a lot of price volatility. It reached its peak price of $0.2726 on May 5, 2021, a 1200 percent increase in five days.

CumRocket is gaining traction as crypto memes generated by Elon Musk’s tweet gather traction. Will this result in a price spike comparable to the one seen at the beginning of May?

Curious to know more? Here’s the comprehensive guide to buying this cryptocurrency without any fuss.

What is CumRocket (CUMMIES)?

CumRocket wants to change the adult content market by using blockchain technology to provide a secure and fair platform for 18+ communication and entertainment. Users can chat, text, sext, own, and subscribe to content creators on CumRocket’s services in exchange for CUMMIES tokens.

It is one of the best projects using blockchain technology to host these services, many of which are already popular in the adult content sector, such as private content subscriptions and paid messaging.

Brief History of CumRocket

In April 2021, CumRocket will be a BEP-20 cryptocurrency on the Binance chain. CumRocket set out to build systems that would allow pornographic content providers to retain control over their work consistently.

CumRocket has just launched its own 18+ NFT market, which is still in the process of attracting new content creators to its site. With the emergence of this industry, creators and users now have a safe and secure platform to enjoy adult material while also contributing to the community’s development.

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How to Buy CumRocket on PancakeSwap

So, now you are well acquainted with the CumRocket or Cummies cryptocurrency, it’s now time to know how to buy it on PancakeSwap. Follow the process step by step to avoid any last-minute hassle.

  • Open an online account

CumRocket is a Binance chain token, therefore to buy BNB, the native cryptocurrency, you must first have a Binance account. If your IP address is in the United States, go to or to create an account.

Binance will next examine your Social Security number, driver’s license, and home address to authenticate your identity. Throughout the process, your personal information will be kept private and will not be linked to your wallet publicly.

Once you’ve to get approved, you’ll fund your account by purchasing BNB to trade for CUMMIES on PancakeSwap. The best way to finance your profile is with cryptocurrency, and so many crypto traders use a US-based market to transfer their money to bitcoin. Several finest platforms for converting cash to cryptocurrency are, Coinbase, Gemini, and eToro.

  • Download Trust Wallet or Metamask.

You’ll need to transfer your newly obtained BNB tokens to a PancakeSwap-compatible wallet, such as Trust Wallet or MetaMask. Both wallets will ask you to create an account, but no personal information will be required. When you build your new crypto wallet, remember to put your private keys somewhere safe because this is the only method to recover your assets if you lose access to it.

Because their Google Chrome plugin makes it easy to connect your wallet with decentralized exchanges, MetaMask is the most popular way to perform trades using sites like PancakeSwap.

  • Convert your BNB tokens
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The default setting for MetaMask will be Ethereum’s primary network. The top-right drop-down option in the MetaMask Chrome addon lets you see which network your wallet is on. You must change this option from “Ethereum Mainnet” to “Custom RPC” to link your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain.

You should see BNB as your default coin if you’ve successfully linked to the Binance chain. Return to Binance and use your MetaMask BNB cryptocurrency address to send your BNB tokens to your MetaMask wallet –– make sure to select the Binance Smart Chain network when sending your BNB to MetaMask.

  • Make your purchase.

You’re now ready to swap your BNB for CUMMIES on PancakeSwap. To connect your wallet, go to and click the button in the top right corner. After you’ve connected, go to trade, then exchange, and finally swap. By selecting a currency from the drop-down menu, you may now search for CUMMIES.

It should appear because it is on PancakeSwap’s Top 100 Tokens list. If it doesn’t, you can always use the same search box to look up CumRocket’s contract address. Before the transaction can get completed, you’ll get asked to approve it in your MetaMask wallet. After you’ve done the command, your CUMMIES will be in your wallet in a matter of seconds. If you get an issue when processing your transaction, you might need to raise your slippage tolerance to 6% or greater.

  • Pro Tip: Use an Anonymous, High-Speed VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to browse the internet anonymously. If you’re a bitcoin trader, you might wish to keep your IP address hidden or change it to a different location. ExpressVPN is the best solution available for trading in particular.

  • Current Crypto Prices
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The cryptocurrency markets have recently suffered a significant drop in pricing. These cryptocurrencies have remained fundamentally unchanged. Declines in crypto are frequently a favorable moment for long-term investors to buy more. However, given recent volatility, some investors believe the crypto bear market will continue until we reach new all-time high pricing.

  • Get Notified

If you don’t want constant following the crypto markets, Crypto Pro is a good option. Crypto Pro is a portfolio tracker that can send you alerts when significant increases in volatility. You can customize these notifications only to receive alerts about price changes relevant to your portfolio.

  • Is CumRocket a Good Investment?

CumRocket is attempting to get into the adult entertainment market, which is a difficult task in and of itself. Is this industry concerned enough about the advantages of decentralization to go to the trouble of joining the Binance chain? Unlikely, but only time will tell if CumRocket’s benefits will be enough to grab this market share.


CumRocket uses the same technology as these shitcoins, but the early rush in people buying the token could help the project move forward. In addition to its functionality, CumRocket features a management team made up of well-known software experts that have worked in crypto marketing.

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