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Although Amazon Coin is not a completely virtual currency, it appears like Amazon is testing the waters for a full-fledged worldwide cryptocurrency. This speculation gets supported by two recent events. For starters, Domain Name Wire reported two years ago that Amazon had purchased the domain names,, and, all of which are related to cryptocurrency.

Given that Jeff Bezos considers trusting the most valuable asset, one could argue that they preserved their brand identity. The appearance of Amazon Coin, which got released in 2013, has fueled conjecture about Amazon’s debut into cryptocurrencies.

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What are Amazon Coins?

The Amazon Coin is a virtual currency that purchases apps, games, and in-game apps. They can be purchased by using a credit or debit card at or amazon underground. The Amazon Underground is a web-based application store.

Unlike the Google Play Store, where you can only buy apps, Amazon Underground allows you to purchase both apps and other online items.

How can I install Amazon Underground?

If you don’t already have Amazon Underground loaded on your phone, you can get it here: Unless you enable unknown sources, the app will not get installed on your phone.

A pop-up notification will direct you to the setting; if not, go to Settings Security Unknown sources to allow app installation from sources other than the Play Store.

What is the best way to obtain Amazon Coins?

Following that, you can purchase Amazon coins with any currency. The buyers can immediately compute the price because one coin equals one cent. You will receive 100 coins if you pay one dollar. The majority of the time, rates are reduced to allow you to purchase more than 100 coins. You are now ready to acquire games and apps after installing the coins.

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Rather than paying with the currency, Amazon money might get used to purchasing premium apps. You may be able to avoid a large discount deal by doing so. Buying games with coins might net you a decent profit. There were times when a single purchase could balance you around $9. The price of the Amazon token alone may fall at times, resulting in a massive profit.

Why aren’t Amazon Coins fully functional virtual currencies?

Here the question arises why Amazon coins are still not recognized as a functional virtual currency? At this time, the amazon coins you received cannot get exchanged for any other currency, nor can they be transferred or shared with others. The items you purchase with the value, on the other hand, can be given to anyone.

Furthermore, you can only buy a limited number of data with the coins; your options are limited. As a result, we can deduce that Amazon is not yet ready to launch this as a full-fledged cryptocurrency; instead, it gets now used as a promotional bundle for the Kindle Fire and other Android devices.

When you buy a kindle fire, you’ll get 50 dollars worth of coins that you can use to purchase applications, games, and in-app stuff. The subterranean app market has the majority of the paid apps in the Google Play Store. Although Underground is a collection of apps and other Amazon products, the items you may buy with Amazon coins are limited to apps, games, and in-app purchases.

How can I acquire Amazon Coins for free?

Downloading free programs from the Amazon store will also earn you free promotional coins. You will receive free Amazon coins if you use those apps and games. You will receive free loyalty coins even if you purchase a premium app.

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  • You may get a variety of paid apps for a reasonable price.
  • You may avoid using your credit card for little impulse purchases.
  • You will receive emails confirming the authenticity of your purchase, which got missed on your credit card account.
  • Amazon occasionally offers a nearly 25% discount on a package of 10,000 coins, resulting in earnings.


  • Payments in half-coins and half-cash are not accepted. You can’t use the coins if you buy a game for 300 cents and have 270 coins; you’ll have to pay in coins or cash instead. As a result, you’ll always have a few pennies in your pocket.
  • Because Amazon deducts VAT from your discount, even a decent rebate does not guarantee you the amount.
  • Because the Amazon coin does not appear immediately after purchase, you may have to wait a while. As a result, you’ll need to plan ahead of time if you don’t want to go over budget.

The Bottom Line

So, this is all about Amazon crypto coins. We hope you have found this guide informative and helpful. Feel free to connect with us if you find any queries related to the same. Our experts would love to assist you. Stay connected for more updates!!

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