Half of the country duet Dan+Shay, Shay Mooney is keeping his admirers up to date on his actual health adventure.

On Thursday, the “Speechless” singer sent a statement on his Instagram story in response to comments from his followers about how he looked different recently.

“I really appreciate everyone’s compliments on how well I appear to be doing. It signifies a lot, “In other words, he put pen to paper. It’s been about 5 months now, and I’ve lost about 50 pounds.

How Shay Mooney lost almost 50 pounds in 5 months

Mooney went on to explain that he had reached this goal through a combination of making appropriate food choices and physical activity.

“The answer is simple: 7 miles of daily walking and an alcohol-free diet. In addition to certain free weights. Okay, that’s all there is to it “When asked, he went into detail. “Since I made those life changes, I feel better on every level,” the speaker says.

Mooney wrote in his Instagram story that he feels better in every way after making the lifestyle shift, not just physically. He then urged his audience to accept his message as a signal that it was time to initiate change in their own lives.

After making some major changes to his lifestyle, he reported feeling better in every way. For those in search of a harbinger, I offer this: Regards, y’all.

His third child with wife Hannah Billingsley is due any day now, so the timing of the celebration of his new healthy lifestyle couldn’t be better. They informed their followers by posting a video to Instagram in which they broke the news to their children. Billingsley and Mooney’s sons express their desire for a baby sister in a home video.

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It was then that Mooney and Billingsley broke the news that the two boys would be having a baby sibling, and the news dampened the boys’ enthusiasm. Asher, 5, and Ames Alexander, 2, and the new baby boy will be brothers.

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