Hopscotch after Shark Tank What Happened To Hopscotch

What Happened To Hopscotch After Shark Tank?

The Hopscotch app is a learning tool that teaches students how to code video games. Samantha John, founder of the Hopscotch education platform, appeared on “Shark Tank” to raise money. She requested $400,000 in exchange for 4% equity.

To prepare them for the technological future, the Hopscotch platform includes a coding lesson for kids. All innovations in technology will be created through programming here.

People need to learn to code if they want to make it in the future, because without it, nothing can be accomplished.

There are many parents that begin teaching their young children to code at an early age in the hopes that their children would one day turn their lives into a work of fiction.
Every parent faces a monumental challenge when they are tasked with encouraging their young child to learn to code. Because learning to code is a challenging endeavour.

It’s tough to pick up coding skills if you have no motivation to do so. This is a major issue in modern culture, as programming is viewed as the hardest job in the world.

Hopscotch has developed its own educational platform for teaching kids as young as three how to code. Young programmers will find this environment conducive to the creation of their own interactive games.

When Samantha John and Jocelyn Leavitt decided to build a coding environment for kids, they did extensive background study.

Everyone needs to be able to code because so many successful businesses rely on it (think Amazon, Google, etc.). Steve Jobs once said, “everyone should know programming since it boosts the power of thinking,” therefore it’s no surprise that many people now share this view. This is why Samantha and Jocelyn founded Hopscotch Technologies.

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Hopscotch Shark Tank Update

Company Name Hopscotch
Founder Samantha John
Product Through the Education App, Kids Will Be Able to Develop Games and Simple Projects by Coding.
Asked For $400,000 for 4% Equity
Final Deal $400,000 for 11% Equity
Shark Mark Cuban
Episode (Shark Tank USA) Season 12 Episode 15
Air Date February 26, 2021
Business Status In Business
Net Worth $3 Million *estimated
Website Visit Website
Address Brooklyn, New York, United States

Hopscotch’s Clever Business Plan

The developers of Hopscotch say their goal is to get kids interested in computer science by letting them make their own games, stories, and artwork using the platform.

Hopscotch is a game in which players take turns tossing a stone into a series of squares laid out in a specific pattern on the ground. Everyone must go through the figure to collect their prize.

The fundamental purpose of hopscotch is to get kids moving and thinking, which in turn helps them develop critical thinking skills and creative potential.

Youth (ages 10–15) make up the bulk of its intended user base, however anyone of any age can benefit from using it to learn the fundamentals of computer programming. The software is available for download on iTunes for iOS users.

Who First Created Hopscotch

Following “Shark Tank,” did Hopscotch continue on in the same vein? Current Events in the Hopscotch Tank in the Coming Year
Samantha John, co-founder and current CEO of Hopscotch, appeared on the ABC show “Shark Tank.” She also managed Hopscotch Technologies and went to Columbia University in New York to study applied mathematics.

Samantha John, a New York native, has been featured on numerous “30 Under 30” lists, such as those published by the BBC, Business Insider, and Elle. Ten years ago, she created Hopscotch with the goal of equipping the next generation of computer programmers with the resources they need to succeed on their own.
She had been working as a developer at Pivotal Labs before coming up with the idea for Hopscotch (if we may probe into her private life), and she was born in 1985.
Her work doesn’t stop at hopscotch. In the beginning, Samantha and Jocelyn Leavitt founded Hopscotch while Jocelyn was a fellow at Columbia. It wasn’t until 2012 that she made her first app, a dinosaur called Daisy.

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Hopscotch’s Model for Making Money

We will investigate Hopscotch to learn about the company’s business model.

We’ve already established that Hopscotch’s biggest selling point is that it makes coding fun and approachable for children.

With this idea in mind, software has been developed to instruct young people in the art of coding so that they might go on to make their own video games, animations, and other forms of digital media.

The drag-and-drop method of coding is supported by the coding software. This programme allows users to create their own games, artwork, stories, graphic content, and more. The app’s main goal is to help its users become better app developers and to enhance their coding skills.

In order to flourish in the realm of coding and app creation, Android and web browser users will have to patiently wait for suitable versions to be published.

Overview of Hopscotch from “Shark Tank”

In exchange for 4% ownership at a $10 million valuation, Samantha is seeking $400,000 in cash. She wants to reevaluate how she generates revenue from her software and has contacted Shark for advice. She is now accepting new clients on a subscription-only basis.

Instead, she proposes offering the software at no cost while making money off of in-app purchases of more games. Given that the company is currently only just breaking even, the Sharks are understandably suspicious of this idea. These concerns originate from a rise in users and a potential drop in income.

Mark claims to be familiar with the software because his own children use it constantly. He also values the firm’s commitment to training the next generation of computer experts. Mark agrees to invest $400,000 in exchange for a 16.1% stake.

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After much back and forth, they agree on a valuation of $5 million, or $550,000 for 11% ownership.

New Information About Hopscotch From the Shark Tank

The Shark Tank Blog provides participants of the show with regular updates and insights into the business world. This programme will be repeated for the first time in May of 2021. As of the present time, there is no proof that this deal has closed.

It’s possible that transactions struck on Shark Tank won’t be subject to due diligence for a whole year. As of July 2021, the agreement is still not finalised. With a yearly revenue of $3,000,000, this company is doing quite well. Within a few years of its initial showing, downloads had skyrocketed by 500%.

As of December 2021, the deal has not been finalised, and it is unlikely that it will be completed by the end of the year.

The company plans to launch Game Developer Workshop Level 1, an interactive online coding curriculum, to give young people the information, skills, and confidence they need to thrive in today’s digital world.

Once a week, for one hour, students have the opportunity to receive extra help from their teachers and make up any assignments they may have fallen behind on.

“Homework” is also a common phrase. In this activity, kids will get their feet wet in the world of video game development. The beginning of the January 2022 classes will cost you $399. By May of 2022, the company’s annual sales had hit $5 million.

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