how can I get in touch with the santa

Want to phone Santa and inform them about your naughty kids? If your child hasn’t been good this year, Santa Claus may send them a note.

Can you explain what happens if you dial the Grinch’s number?
Yes, you can take break and listen to someone else read for while. For crying out loud, what is this? 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss will be read to you as soon as you dial the number.
In this fashion, What is the first phone number?
The new number is (212) 736-5000. The hotel claims that their telephone number, PEnnsylvania 6- 5000, is the oldest in use in New York and one of the oldest in use anywhere in the world.
Furthermore, How can call Santa?
You can reach Santa directly on his “personal hotline” by dialling (951) 262-3062. 
The enchantment of the holiday season may be felt even by cynic when prerecorded message from Santa answers the phone.

What is Santa’s real phone number ?

The hotline is toll-free global voicemail service where kids of all ages can leave messages for Santa Claus. 
Santa’s Hotline number is 1-605-313-4000, and it can be reached by people all over the world.

Exactly how can get in touch with the grinches?

Listen to the timeless tale as family by dialling 712-832-8555 and playing the number on speakerphone. 

How to convince Santa to phone or text your misbehaving youngster.

Everyone knows that at Christmastime, kids only care about the things they receive, which is why a new app is giving parents with difficult children a new option to negotiate and obtain the good behaviour they so urgently need from their offspring in exchange for the gifts their children want.

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Message from Santa! is an app that allows users to make fake video and voicemails purportedly from Santa Claus.

The inscriptions can be modified to add actual names, ages, and maybe even your child’s interests and personal interests, in attempt to make it more genuine. It also helps to scare the kids into believing that there genuinely is an unseen guy who can see everything they think or do and who keeps a complete note of whether they’re being naughty or good, in order to assess whether they are deserving of their presents.

The programme is entirely free to download and allows you to send limitless messages and calls!

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