Founded in 1979, the National Film Development Corporation had high hopes for the new incarnation of its old film finance company, but was soon disappointed. A period of mismanagement was followed by a CEO who refused to pass his high-profile board. This put the group on a tortuous road that runs counter to the set goals. As expected, Film finance corporation soon became a selfish white elephant. It has nothing to do with making movies or promoting movies.

More than two decades have passed since he fell into a comatose and parted ways with the Indian film life it intended to serve. It is reported that the theater has been handed over to the National Film Development Corporation. If guided by experience, this decision can have serious consequences. NFDC is already a dead horse, let it carry more weight.

In addition, the decision to make the National Film Archive of India owned by the company was a wrong decision. The Goa International Film Festival in India started more than half a century ago. At that time, it was an A-level film festival and the first film festival in Asia, but it has gradually declined over the years to an unrated film festival. The reason is simple: successive governments are reluctant to grant it autonomy and allow dedicated professionals to host the festival.

The annual National Film Awards is no exception: merit is not the criterion for judgment. According to regulations, the judging committee must be composed of people who have demonstrated success in film, drama and/or art (including literature). It is unlikely that this condition will be met. So far, all issues related to movies have been brought together in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which is a legacy of the colonial period. In fact, movie theaters do not collect or broadcast any information .Interestingly, in a country that develops and promotes film culture, no one has ever thought about having an independent film department.

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