Google Chat’s Smart Replies are 4 years old. It’s always supported English. Now Google chat can now replies in three more languages 2022 , Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Google believes the app will interpret users’ typing and give speedy responses.

Maintaining Google Workspaces is easy. For English-language texts from coworkers or friends, Smart Replies provides options depending on context. This feature is now available in French, Portuguese, and Spanish. In fact, the algorithm is able to decipher the language of your communication. You can use this feature to your advantage if you are part of a multinational organisation and often compose content in more than one language.

What exactly is Google Chat?

Google Chat is an advanced and safe means of communication that was designed with teams in mind. Google Chat offers a unified platform for team collaboration, from one-on-one conversations to group chat rooms.

Google Hangouts is included in the free and paid versions of Google Workspace. Chat may be accessed from a wide variety of mobile devices thanks to its availability as an iOS and Android app. This means you no longer need to rely on a computer to have constant contact with your team.

Instructions for Google chat

To activate Smart Replies, click the settings cog within the app’s main menu. Only the web chat in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French is supported by Smart Replies. This functionality for smartphones may take some time to develop.

Google chat Features

The Smart Replies feature is available in Google’s apps. One can use Smart Replies on Android, in Gmail, and in Google Docs. All apps share this feature. Integrated into Android’s notification system, it allows for instantaneous responses to messages.

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In response to user input across several platforms and languages, Smart Replies suggests appropriate responses. Using a Smart Reply can be sent with a tap on the sentence.

You can now add videos and playlists to your Google Photos Memories album. Google claims that Photos will pick the best videos from your past and display them in the Memories section. Images gradually zoom in and out. The recollection can also perform music on the piano. If a user cannot discover a matching Memory, they can swipe up or down to browse through other Memories.

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