Google Meet roll out new features

Google Meet has introduced a feature to notify users when their Internet connection is poor. It also includes personalized troubleshooting tips and quick steps to reduce the resource consumption of the video chat application. When users are unable to participate in the call, Google also grants Workspace administrators permission to view and resolve Meet Quality Tool issues.

Workspace management tools are now available, and the new Google Meet feature was launched on June 1. In addition, Google Meet also recommends some quick steps to improve the quality of your calls. These quick, one-click changes can help reduce the resource consumption of the application but will reduce the CPU or network bandwidth. They will also make suggestions for a better user experience, such as: Add subtitles to better understand the sound.

Google Workspace administrators have an updated Meet quality tool that can be used to analyze why users can’t join a call. “You will see a new icon on the timeline indicating that the attempt to join has failed. To see more information, just move your mouse over the symbol,” said the Google blog. When a user tries to join a call with the maximum attendance rate, Google Workspace administrators can see unsuccessful connection attempts, call participants denied entry, request to answer the phone because there are no call participants, or join the call or your call after the call is deleted. The account expired and was rejected due to previous abuse.

With these new features in the Meet quality assurance tool, administrators can now help users quickly without contacting Google. All Google Workspace users, as well as corporate and G Suite customers, can use these new features. Although the new Google Meet feature uses Google’s rapid and planned deployment domain, users registered on the old domain will receive an update on June 1. Users in the planned deployment domain may have to wait longer. the weather. 15 days to see new features.

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