Roberto Saviano created the Italian series Gomorra for Sky Atlantic. In April of 2014, this crime drama series debuted on local television. The show, which was inspired by the author’s book of the same name, delves into the psyches of criminals. Genres such as mystery, drama, and violence provide comedy and keep viewers engaged.

Gomorra, an Italian drama, is considered a top contender among the best shows of its kind. The support it has gotten from its global audience has allowed it to flourish. The show is based on a crime novel of the same name, and it tells the narrative of a criminal organisation and the turmoil it causes in a family. Amazing and original, it tells the history of Naples’s criminal underworld.

Gomorrah Season 6 Release Date

Seasons Release Dates
Gomorra Season 1 Release Date 6 May 2014
Gomorra Season 6 Release Date Not Announced Yet

It took seven years and five seasons to air the entire series. There are 12 episodes per season (or 10 in season 5), and each episode is between 44 and 55 minutes long. With 19 reviews total, Gomorra averages a 7.31/10 score. The show’s fictional plot has been criticised by Italian lawmakers.

Unfortunately, with the publication of the fifth season in December 2021, the series officially concluded. 
After seasons, the show was terminated and ended.
Leonardo Fasoli, who has written for the series, agreed that it would be good time to wrap things off. 
At the season’s completion, we made the decision that this would be the series’ final run. 
This was due to the fact that, as Claudio had previously stated, “it is better to finish while you are in high position than to investigate too much stuff until the conclusion.”

Season Trailer for Gomorrah

The Italian show has been cancelled, therefore there won’t be sixth season. 
It’s great that the series is over after five seasons because it’s enough time to tell the entire story without any filler. 
This is why Gomorra season has not gotten teaser.
In spite of this, the show has become a benchmark among crime dramas.
Name: Gomorrah
Total No. of Seasons: 5
Writer: Leonardo Fasoli and Stefano Bises
Director: Claudio Cupellini and Francesca Comencini
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast: Salvatore Esposito, Marco D’Amore, Cristiana Dell’Anna
Production: Cattleya, Fandango, Sky
Producer(S): Stefano Sollima Francesca Comencini
Music: Mokadelic
Country of Origin: Italy, Germany
Origin Language: Italian Neapolitan
Available Languages: Italian, Neapolitan
Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Sky Atlantic
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