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Who on this planet doesn’t like savings and when this saving is related to the fuel, its value multiples by manifolds. The fuel price is touching the high sky these days, making it essential to find some freebies in order to save a few bucks. That’s where the Fuel Rewards program comes in!!

Also known as Fuel Rewards Network, this loyalty program reduces the fuel cost at more than 11K shell stations. Wondering about how to use this program? Continue reading the page and find out different ways to fuel reward points and steps to redeem them.

Different Ways To Earn Fuel Rewards

Before jumping into the process of activating the Fuel Rewards program, it’s important to understand different ways through which you can earn those reward points. Some of them are listed here for the readers’ sake of convenience.


With a connected Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit/debit card, get $10/gal for every $50 spent at more than 10K qualifying restaurants nationwide. Keep in mind that it must get done as a credit card, not a debit card.


Do you know you can earn the Fuel Reward points while shopping as well? For every $50 spent at certain local and online shops, you’ll earn at least $5/gal.

At Shell

Every fill-up at qualified Shell outlets will save you at least $5/gal if you have Gold Status. You can also earn incentives at Shell locations when you buy snacks, beverages, vehicle wipes, and other products. If you don’t keep your Gold status, you’ll be relegated to Silver and receive a $3 per gallon discount at select Shell outlets.

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When you book accommodations, airlines, and rental vehicles through the Fuel Rewards program, you may earn $5 per gallon for every $50 paid. Interesting, isn’t it?

Some Additional Ways

Further deals can get found at some local supermarkets, programs, and on the Fuel Rewards website. Remember that certain deals get accepted before they may get earned. To simply redeem these discounts, download the mobile app right away.

How does Fuel Rewards Program work?

Before using the Fuel Rewards, it is essential to understand how these reward program actually works. Insert your Alt ID or swipe your Fuel Rewards card or a credit or debit card opting in to Connect & Save at a nearby Shell station. You can Get Immediate Gold Status when you join the Fuel Rewards program.

  • When you fill up at a qualifying Shell station, scan your Fuel Rewards card or insert your Alt ID.
  • Every fill-up will save you $5/gal in Fuel Rewards if you have Gold Status.
  • Gold Status awards of $5 per gallon will get coupled with other Fuel Rewards in your account.

Steps to Redeem Fuel Reward Points

Carry out the step-by-step process mentioned below to redeem Fuel Reward Points.

  • Enter your FRN card and choose your payment method and gasoline type. The value increases or decreases depending on how many Fuel Rewards savings you already have in your FRN profile.
  • Keep in mind that you must be a Fuel Rewards user before using this card.
  • Insert your Alt ID or Fuel Rewards Card, when you fill up at a Shell station to be eligible for the Gold/Silver Status bonuses.
  • Each fill-up will save you $5/gal in Fuel Rewards if you have Gold Status.
  • Gold Status awards of $5 per gallon will get coupled with other Fuel Rewards rewards in your profile.
  • If you are a new Fuel Rewards participant, you will obtain Gold Status for the first month you join until the last day of the month, the “New Member Introductory Time,” six full calendar months later.
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That’s it for now!! We hope you have enjoyed reading the article. It’s no surprise that Fuel Rewards discounts collected from routine purchases might help you save even more money. With Gold Status, you’ll save $5 per gallon, and with Silver Status, you’ll earn $3 per gallon.

The users can also combine your rewards and redeem them at participating Shell stations. The number of methods to earn rewards in the Fuel Rewards program is growing day by day, giving you more opportunities to make savings.

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