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National Fuel Pass (Petrol and Diesel) Online Registration – Ministry of Energy and Power Fuel (Petrol and Diesel) can now be purchased from the Ministry of Power & Energy’s National Fuel Pass System, which gives the general population a guaranteed weekly supply of fuel for their vehicles.

Use the QR code issued to you to get fuel twice a week, depending on how many digits of the vehicle number plate you have.

It is guaranteed that the weekly gasoline limit will be given out. Once the Vehicle Chassis number and information have been validated, a QR code will be assigned to the NIC, passport number, or business registration number associated with the vehicle. Fueling with QR is available on two days of the week based on the last digit of the vehicle’s licence plate number. The Sri Lankan government has announced.

The Last Digit of Your Vehicle’s Number Plate Is Now Required for Fueling – Effective July 21, Islandwide.

  • Tuesday and Saturday – Number plates ending in 0, 1, 2 –
  • Thursday and Sunday – 3 and 4 digit plates
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Number plates ending in 6, 7, 8, and 9 A temporary fuel card called the “National Fuel Pass” will be available to all drivers beginning on July 21st.
  • Rs.1,500 for motorcycles 3 Wheelers are priced at Rs.2,000 while other vehicles are priced at Rs.7,000.
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On July 21-24, QR Codes will be tested in Colombo at several sites.

The registration process will continue in its current form. The last digit of the number plate for QR Quota will be used to perform a pilot experiment in several areas in Colombo beginning July 21st. Monday is the start date for Island-wide implementation of the QR programme (system) (25th July 2022).

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the Fuel Pass Gov lk Registration programmed.

  • Visit our website at https://fuelpass.gov.lk/ for more information.
  • If you have any questions about registering, please contact us at 1919.
  • All sorts of private automobiles are guaranteed a weekly quota.
  • Availability is guaranteed.
  • CEYPETCO / CPC and Lanka IOC gasoline stations across the island are eligible for this promotion.
  • Public transportation (Buses / Trains) does not have a fuel restriction.

For the next few days, registration is open.

  • A driver’s licence, passport, or business registration number (BRN), as well as the vehicle’s licence plate number and chassis number are required.
  • In order to register a company or government-owned vehicle, it must have a Business Registration Number (BRN) or a National Identity Card (NIC) / Passport Number.
  • When the fuel quota is ready, users will be notified by email or text. The allocation of fuel quotas will be depending on the type of vehicle you have. The Ministry of Power & Energy will declare the allocation.
  • When gasoline quota is received, a QR code will be generated at the petrol pump and given to the customer. Whether it’s an image or a physical copy.
  • The system will display the amount of fuel that has been used and the date when it is due to expire.
  • Once the fuel has been pumped, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • It is not possible to carry over the week’s gasoline quota.
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Queues at CEYPETCO Fuel Stations have been requested to be avoided up until distribution began. After the vehicles are gone, the fuel stations will be able to receive the supplies. Compulsory implementation of the National Fuel Pass and the Last Digit of the License Plate will take place in 2018.

  • The start date of the new policy will be made public. Setting up and implementing the system is no small feat. To make sure that everyone receives a weekly allotment throughout the rationing period ahead, it must be put into action. The smooth implementation of this and subsequent upgrades will require widespread public backing.

In order to help with the National Fuel Pass programme, Ministry of Youth members and members of the National Youth Corps have offered their time. Volunteers from New York City will be stationed at gas stations and in rural regions beginning July 21 to help the public register for the platform.

  • A new mechanism has been implemented to allow holders of the National Fuel Pass to see how much fuel they have left on their account.

A National Fuel Pass will need to be obtained first, according to the Ministry of Energy.

Registration and information on fuel quotas can be found here:

Obtain a Fuel Pass at www.fuelpass.gov.lk

Send an SMS to 0766220000 with “FUEL BAL” and your vehicle’s license plate number to verify your fuel quota balance.

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