Ethereum fees fell

The fees for transactions in the Ethereum network have decreased by 71.15 percent from September 2021.

It is the lowest amount of transaction fees in the last four months, according to, on the 13th of February.

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According to its statistics, which cited on the 13th of February, it cost 0.0052 Ethereum, which is $15.13 per transaction to transfer the cryptocurrency ethereum (ETH).

An examination of the astonishingly low transaction costs of ethereum after 2021:

The prices for Ethereum gas were even lower than mid-February about four months ago in mid-September 2021.

On the 10th of January of 2022, the average transaction cost on Ethereum was about $52.46 per transaction.

From mid-January through mid-February, the average transaction fee on Ethereum is more than 15 dollars per transaction.

The average transaction cost on the Ethereum network on the 13th of February was 71.15 percent lower than the average transaction cost reported on January 10, 2022.

However, this fuel cost on Ethereum is 52% higher than the average transaction cost charged on Bitcoin (BTS). Bitcoin (BTS network that was $2.30 per transaction on the blockchain simultaneously.

Onchain transactions are transactions that occur via the crypto blockchain.


The London Hard fork upgrade, EIP-1559, which was launched in Ethereum in August 2021, has implemented rent control for gas prices and periodic token burning to limit the supply of ether. It has resulted in price pressure.

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In the wake of the upgrades, over 1,828,701 Ethereum worth $6.6 billion was burned, making it a deflationary asset.

Currently, both on-chain ethereum network transactions and the layer-two fees for network transfers are lower.

The lowest transfer fee on L2 will be $0.19 per transfer. Five of the six L2 platform fees are below $1.

Layer2 is the network layer used to exchange information between nodes of an extensive area network or between the nodes within the same local area network.



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