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The goals of Epraise Login are to increase student motivation, parent involvement, and instructor efficiency. Epraise is the central hub of hundreds of educational communities all over the world.

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What is Epraise?

A decade ago, the Epraise platform started out as a way for schools to reward students for good work. Even though it is much more than that now, its main purpose is still to recognise good work. Epraise has helped schools become more digital since its early days. It has features like points, badges, leaderboards, certificates, activities, rewards, donations, assessment, homework, classwork, cover work, parents’ evenings, messaging, interventions, and seating plans. We feel very lucky to work with such a talented group of schools that are helping to shape the minds of young people today.

How To Login EPraise Online Secure Portal

EPraise Login

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account………

How To Register For Epraise Login Parents

  1. To register via website
  1. Click the tab for Parents.
  2. Enter your email
  3. Don’t fill in the password (unless you already have one)
  4. Click “Sign in.”
  5. Click on the link you get in an email (this takes a few minutes and may appear in junk folder)
  6. After you put in a new password, you’ll be logged in.

How To Download, Install And Use Epraise Login App On Android And Apple

EPraise App Android

To get login access on your Android device….. you need to follow the link and install the app into your device………… launch the app and then enter login details to get access on your personal smartphone……………..

EPraise App AApple

To get login access on your iOS device….. you need to follow the link and install the app into your device………… launch the app and then enter login details to get access on your personal smartphone……………..

How To Epraise Register Through An Invite

  1. Find the invite email and follow the instructions by clicking on the link.
  2. This should open a new window in your browser and ask you to enter a new password if you don’t already have one.
  3. After you put in a new password, you’ll be logged in.

How To Web EPraise Parent logins – Video Tutorial

How To Login Epraise On App Parents Login


  1. I haven’t received a EPraise password reset email?
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If you can’t find the email that was sent to reset your password, it’s probably in your junk folder. If not, please talk to the school directly, and they will set this up for you by hand. Don’t call epraise, because we can’t reset your password.

  1. I haven’t received an EPraise invite?

Not every school sends out invitations, but if yours says it did and you can’t find it, please let them know. Ask the school to check that the email address they have for you is the same as the email address where you thought you would get the invite.

  1. My email was not recognised at EPraise system?

If your email address was not found, it means that your information has not yet been added to the system. If you think you’ve already given this information to the school, it may take some time for the school to add it to epraise, or they may have written it down wrong. Changes to this information can only be made by the school.

  1. My children are not all listed at EPraise?

If you can’t find one or more of your kids on epraise, it’s likely that their school has set up more than one account for you. We can’t change any of their data, so please ask them to check this.

  1. How To EPraise Students & teachers Login with Microsoft, Google or Wonde?

A corresponding login button will appear on the login screen if your school has implemented ‘Single Sign On’ with one of the aforementioned providers. Please use this button and proceed with the on-screen instructions. If you have forgotten your login information or continue to receive an error message after entering it, please contact your school; they should be able to help you out.

  1. When should I contact epraise directly?
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Epraise can only help if there is a problem with the website, if you are the school’s head teacher, or if you are a designated epraise school contact. All other requests should be made directly to the school, because we are not allowed to change any information, including usernames and passwords.

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