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E Tshwane login is the online portal for the city o f TSHWANE IGNITING EXCELLENCE. You will be sent to the Home Page of the e-Tshwane website once you have registered in and can see shortcuts to the many features of the site.

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What is e-Tshwane?

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality continues to strive towards the aims of Tshwane Vision 2055: a city that is liveable, resilient and inclusive and delivers a high quality of life for its residents. e-Tshwane builds capacity and exhibits commitment to apply ICT for improving knowledge and information in servicing and transforming connections with citizens, businesses and other arms of government.

e-Tshwane login is a secure free online tool that allows home owners, companies, property managing agencies and tenants to electronically engage with the City. Ratepayers can now communicate with the City online and on their mobile devices thanks to this new service. In addition Standard Bank customers can obtain a summary of their bill (and pay it) from within MyBills. Users can upload metre readings, pay traffic fines, lodge inquiries, apply for services, check statements, and make payments for accounts from the convenience of their home or workplace once they have registered. Ratepayers can make changes to their contact information on our customer information page. Using your smartphone or tablet to access the e-Tshwane mobile site is an added benefit.

Benefit of E Tshwane:

  • No more waiting in lineups, finding parking or worrying about office hours.
  • Affordability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).
  • With just a few mouse clicks, you may see all of your past statements, payments, and electronic correspondence.
  • The delivery is reliable and guaranteed, and each communication and payment receives a full authentication confirmation.
  • All communications with the City are electronic and nearly instantaneous.
  • Increased quality of service through shorter turnaround time regarding enquiries and responses.
  • Improved accuracy of client information and transactions assist in speedier response.
  • A route allowing customers to give information to the City (such as uploading metre readings) (such as uploading metre readings).
  • A simple way for customers to make changes or updates to their personal data in order to improve communication.
  • Added payment options, such as points and gift cards.
  • Electronically transmitted statements with notification of statement delivery.
  • Electronic reconciliation of payments against invoices / statements into our billing system guarantees customer services are not terminated erroneously.
  • Payments to the City are processed with greater speed and efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring that all electronic payments are updated and re-conciled to the relevant accounts.
  • Payment and statement history allows for track and trace functionality and movement of funds for all e-Tshwane payments.
  • For the City:
  • Better funding for service improvements is made possible through improved debt collection and a reduction in debtor days.
  • Errors and expenditures can be reduced by better account reconciliation.
  • Resolving a query more quickly.
  • Reduction in costs linked to termination/reconnection of services caused by payment delays and errors in referencing.
  • Reduced time between the bill being distributed and it being paid.
  • Savings on bank fees and other third-party expenses.
  • Postage and printing expenses can be reduced.
  • Personnel cost savings when personnel are better employed to deliver pro-active service to consumers.
  • Updated and accurate information provided from ratepayers.
  • e-Tshwane is a win-win service that enhances the life of everyone involved via cooperative efforts and mutual gains.
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How To Lgoin E Tshwane Online Portal

E Tshwane Login

To get login access you need to enter your login details…… username and password to the provided ……. click on Login button…………

How To Register @ E Tshwane Login

e-tshwane Register

In order to register for the e-Tshwane service, users will need to provide their Username, Title, Initials, Name, Surname, SA ID/Passport Number and the registration preferred contact method…………

How To Reset E Tshwane Login Password

e-tshwane Login forgot Password

To reset your e-tshwane password you need to enter your Preferred Contact, ID/Passport Number, Username to the provided………. then click on…………button..

How To Login E Tshwane Login On Android

E Tshwane App

Tshwane E-government app is meant to strengthen the fostering of participatory democracy, accountability and responsive………

How To Add Bank Account In e-Tshwane

Note: Your bank’s response time is typically between 24 and 48 hours, however once you’ve added a bank account in e-Tshwane, your city account is automatically updated.

  1. Select “Manage Profile” and then “Banking Information” to enter the bank account or accounts you’d like to use to make payments.
  2. Click “Add New”.
  3. Fill out all of the relevant fields on the banking form.
  4. Click “Update” – You are now ready to pay your bill via Instructed Debit.

How To Pay Your Account @ E Tshwane Login

Note: Once you have made the payment via e tshwane login and received a response from your bank, it may take up to 48 hours for the City to update your account.

  1. To pay a bill, simply choose the bill(s) you’d want to pay and click the pay button.
  2. Instruct the payment to be sent to the bank account of your choice. e-Tshwane will send this instruction to your bank which will debited with the instructed amount. The system confirms your payment instruction and gives a notification once the payment has been certified successful by your bank.
  3. Your money has been credited to your account and will appear on your next billing statement as a result of this allocation.
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How To Register ETshwane And Get Login Access

  1. From the e-Tshwane Home Page, navigate to the Register option at the top right of the Menu bar.
  2. Read through the Terms and Conditions of the site, and proceed to check the box at the bottom \sright of the screen and select Continue to proceed.
  3. Enter your User credentials, select the reCAPTCHA box and then click the Register option.
  4. When you register successfully, the website will let you know.
  5. Open the confirmation email that is delivered to your preferred means of contact you used to register on \sthe site.
  6. You are issued with your login name and a temporary password (please note that you will be \sprompted to change this password to one of your own choice, when you first register onto the eTshwane site).
  7. To securely access to the e-Tshwane site, please pick the green e-Tshwane button in the \semail, the guarantee that you are sent to site to finish your registration.

How To Clearance Certificate @ E Tshwane Login

  1. To access to this page, pick Clearance Certificate from the main site Menu.
  2. Click on Register Attorney.
  3. Please remember that you will have to enter the email address that is registered with the Tshwane \sClearance Department.
  4. Business rules for registration of attorney’s. The users can NOT share an email address.
  5. If Annemarie and crew (City of Tshwane) have not loaded the user’s email address into \sthe Clearance Portal via the Admin Portal, the e-Tshwane portal perceives the user as not \sauthorized to access the Clearance menu item.
  6. An error notice will be displayed if a user attempts to use another user’s email address and the system detects this.
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