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Did you know who is Dream Fanart? Dream Fanart is a YouTuber who is famous for his gaming content on YouTube. He uploads many gaming videos like pubg, Minecraft, GTA 5, etc. A dream has also collaborated with some famous YouTubers Tori Bird and TBNRFrags and gained fame from his collaboration.

Moreover, dream Fanart also has another gaming channel under the alias. He has almost 29 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, besides that he also uploads vlogs on the channel. Here in this article, we are going to give you complete details about this famous YouTube star. Scroll down to the below section.

Who is Dream Fanart?

Dream Fanart is a well-known YouTuber who is famous for his gaming content. He is known for his Minecraft series on YouTube. In 2009, he started working on YouTube platform and currently he has almost 29 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. This shows the perfection and hard work on his YouTube channel.

Furthermore, he began his journey on YouTube with his three friends, a group called The Sidemen. He continues to grow his YouTube channel with his three friends. Besides that this famous YouTube group also works for charity. This group has raised over £4.5 million for various charities so far. He is also posts vlogs on his second YouTube channel but he does Vlogs only occasionally. This guy has received much attention from content creators such as Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.

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However, he is also famous on social media and huge fan following on different social media platforms. Dream Fanart has 3.4 million followers on Instagram and also 1.8 million followers on Twitter. This famous YouTuber has also written some books based around his life journey which have sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Education of dream Fanart

Dream Fanart was born and raised with his family in Florida America. He has elder brother and sister, Dream Fanart loves banana milk. He joined Musashino Art University, in Tokyo. In 2015, he graduated from Musashino Art University and majored in illustration. From there he went on to study character design at the international 3D computer graphics school Metis International College. Dream graduated with honors and a bachelor’s degree in digital media studies in 2017.

Later at Metis, Dream Fanart learned about object-oriented programming for video games and character design for films and games; skills that would be put to use while creating his YouTube channel. During his student life, Dream Fanart also worked part-time at Kinoshita Group, an award-winning architecture firm based out of Japan.


Dream Fanart is an American YouTuber. Before Dream Fanart became a social media star, he had been active in online communities for years. In 2009, He began his YouTubbe journey and making videos on YouTube and was part of Project Playlist. Dream Fanart first gained fame by posting songs and performing covers on her channel. His first video reach one million views was a cover of I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz in 2015. Dream gained fame through his ‘David after Dentist’ video and his ‘He Cakes’ videos on YouTube. He also earned popularity for uploading gaming content on his channel and has a reputation for making weird faces in his videos as well. He has 3 channels where Dream Fanart frequently posts videos on DreamTV1, DreamTV2, and DReamERocks. But his main channel is DreamTV1 with over 29 million subscribers.

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Furthermore, Dream also collaborates with fellow YouTubers Swoozie and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. Unfortunately, in 2018, dream Fanart announced on his Twitter that he will no longer upload content onto his main channel. He has over 29 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel ‘DreamTV1’, and has 2 billion views on each video. This Youtuber has also huge fan following on social media platforms, currently he has over 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram as well. He is also sings in a Korean band called BOYFRIEND. His net worth is approximately USD 12 million. Later in June 2015, Dream Fanart moved from South Korea to Tokyo, Japan where his main agency is located. There he also signed a modeling contract with Umaidi Models and did modeling.

Hobbies of Dream Fanart

Dream Fanart is a famous American YouTuber. As a YouTuber he spent most of his time on camera. But he is also likes to spend a good time off-camera. In addition the famous YouTuber also likes riding his bike around town and his favorite sport is snowboarding.

Moreover, he is also a crazy fan of sneakers, he loves different shoes of sneakers and also he owns many pairs in different colors and styles. But there is a one thing that you need to know about him as well that Dream is not a pet or animals lover. That’s why he does not own any pets but he would like to have an Alpaca or even a Mini Pig at some point because they are way too cute.

Net Worth

Are you curious about the total income of this famous YouTuber? Here we are going to tell you about the Net worth of Dream Fanart. It is estimated that he Earns $7.79 million in a month. He is mainly earning source is from a YouTube channel where he gets 100M+ views every month. Also have sponsorship deals with big brands like Sound Cloud.

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Moreover, he posts some occasion based Vlogs, some are gaming content and others are just personal life videos on his YouTube channel. He is also has huge fan following on social media platforms. He has over 3.8 Million followers on Instagram and 1 Million on Twitter.

Facts about Dream Fanart

Let’s talk about the some interesting facts about Dream Fanart that you did not know. Here is the list given below:

  • He is also known as ‘Dezzy’ is a successful YouTuber since 2009.
  • The famous YouTuber is also does vlogging occasionally.
  • He is well known for his gaming videos about Call of Duty and Minecraft.
  • He used to have other channels with different themes but he eventually merged them into his main channel.
  • One of his most famous series on his YouTube channel Dream TV is a collection of vlogs that consist of him playing games while interacting with viewers through live chat.
  • Dream Fanart also uploads standalone gameplay videos and often plays just-released games.
  • His original channel was called Nerd Rage first, but later he changed the name to simply Dream.

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