The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss is an extremely popular fantasy series. To the joy of fans of the trilogy, the final two books were published in 2007 and 2011, and are titled “The Name of the Wind,” and “The Wise Man’s Fear” respectively. The Doors of Stone is Patrick’s third and last novel in his trilogy. Award after award has been bestowed to American novelist Patrick Rothfuss for his fantastical writings.Fans have been waiting ten years for the final instalment of this trilogy, The Doors of Stone.

Three books are planned for The Kingkiller Chronicle

  • The Name of the Wind (2007)
  • The Wise Man’s Fear (2011)
  • The Doors of Stone (forthcoming)

Patrick recently stated, “going slower than I would desire,” regarding the progress of The Doors of Stone. That means he has a long way to go before he can call the book complete.In December of 2021, Patrick finally posted the prologue to his much-anticipated novel, and his admirers rejoiced.

Doors of Stone Release Date

Everyone here is eagerly anticipating the release of Doors of Stone to learn the next chapter in Kvothe’s saga.A new piece of work from Patrick Rothfuss was long overdue for his devoted readership. There was a long buildup of anticipation: more than a decade.

Previous sources indicated that July 8, 2021, will be the official release date for Doors of Stone. However, that interpretation was incorrect. There is currently no scheduled release date for Doors of Stone. We’ll keep you updated when new data becomes available.

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Patrick Rothfuss reads the prologue of the Doors of Stone for the first time and does Q&A about it !

Considering the success of the first two books in the series, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear, readers have been waiting for the third instalment for almost a decade. Despite Rothfuss’s repeated promises that the book would be released “soon,” it has yet to arrive.

Why the delay in the release of Doors of Stone?

The Doors of Stone has been delayed because the author is having difficulty finishing it since he is making changes to the original tale. Before announcing the Doors of Stone publishing date, he announced to the public that he had completed the Kingkiller trilogy.

Doors Of Stone Cast

Nothing about the Doors of Stone cast has been announced as of yet. On the other hand, the work’s author remains tight-lipped throughout.

Doors Of Stone Plot

Kvothe’s story will pick up right where The Wise Man’s Fear left off. Third book in the trilogy, The Wise Man’s Fear, rumoured to be shorter than the first two.

While chatting with followers on social channel, Rothfuss hinted at the story’s direction. He has hinted that The University, one of the most pivotal settings in the entire trilogy, will play a lesser part in the final book.
It’s possible that another enchanted journey will soon set sail. And the narrator may or may not make it to the battle’s crescendo. When he made a cryptic statement, it piqued the interest of the readership and allowed them to use their own creativity.

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Finally, Rothfuss’s emphasis on death and the importance of a fitting send-off suggests that this novel may be best read as a series of funerals….

Thanks to this change, the novel’s conclusion will be much more exciting and thrilling for readers.

Novel Doors Of Stone  – Where to buy

At the time of the novel’s official release, it will be available for purchase on sites like Amazon.

About Patrick Rothfuss

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Patrick Rothfuss attended UW-Stevens Point for his undergraduate degree in English. 
When he was student, he wrote for the school newspaper, The Pointer and his parody warning about the Goodtimes Virus went viral.

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