Looking for login and registration then you are at the right place. To register for the online education unit of DmEdu Institute or to solve your problem, the following subjects will help you. Or you may fix the difficulties linked to your online education unit by dialling the following phone numbers of the institute. Let us help you with your academic work if you need it.

Click on the link and follow the instruction to get register and get login access @ Login.

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How to pay for classes?

Go to payment and choose the courses under the appropriate teacher and add them to the basket and pay. \s# Before paying the class fees, make the payment after ensuring that the relevant class, the amount you are paying and the month in which you are paying are right.

How to engage in lessons?

Go to My Classes in the Classes or Menu Icon below and click Go to Classes to attend the lessons on the appropriate day.

After that, choose the lesson you wish to attend and click Attend Lesson and engage in the lesson.

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There you will be displayed the starting date and postponed sessions, if any, inside a lesson.

# You may only participate for one instance therefore watch and complete the course within the initial period of participation.

You may read all the teacher’s communications, Free Video, Free PDF linked to the class by visiting Classes.

How To Login DMEducation. lk Login

Login to DmEdu

Enter username and password to the provided field, ඔබට ලැබී ඇති අංක 8න් යුත් Number එක සඳහන් කරන්න. (ex: 12345678)……


How To Resert Login Password

Forgot Password

Need to change the password? change…..Enter barcode to the provided….

How To Register @

Dmeducation Register/Signup

If you are a student who is already attending classes at the institute and is not yet registered with the online education unit, register through the Institute Student Register….

How To Register New Student

Dmeducation New Student Register

If you are a new student who has not attended classes in the institution, register through the New Student Register…..

How To Login or Register Video Tutorial



Phone No# 0715 270 267










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