The rainy and irresistible wind and the rumbling of the big scene; criticizing critics and the return journey without medals. In the past ten years, Deepika Kumari has experienced all these things.

Whenever people’s expectations soar, after the results before the Olympics, Deepika will be plunged into the cauldron full of hope. Deepika bears more tension than the 40-42 pounds of tendon on the shoulder. In the high-pressure game, she will relax at the most important stage, and he has never buzzed to avoid the attention of the media.

In a sport, your accuracy depends on the color of the concentric circles, and you get points instantly, no one can understand the helpless figure on the shooting range. However, in the third Olympic Games, Deepika brought some excitement to the performance-happier emotions. This became clear when he won the individual gold medal at the Guatemala World Championships on Sunday.

When filming the ending of the recursive singles, Deepika was trapped three times in the last three days of the event, but remained motionless, so his technique and muscle memory can be controlled. Then he turned to the coach, who confirmed his badhiya. She gave him a relaxed smile and laughed loudly at the team behind her.

The Koreans-Kang Chae Young, Jang Monger and Ahn Sang-have difficulty beating the 1,400 FITA record holders and forced championships. However, Deepika’s advantage is that she participates in all imaginable horror scenes. Now that you have overcome these productivity demons, you will be under a lot of pressure.

In the final of the gold medal game, he led 3-1, and Brown was unable to equalize the results. Even so, Deepika will still score 29 points before the key arrow arrives. Later she will say that her heart is beating very hard, frightening, and making her nervous. There are no tense pieces this time, because he will arrow to the right, a few millimeters outside the 10th circle. Brown also scored 9 points, but went a step further, which put India in third place. This is only a few hours after helping India win the gold medal with an impressive top 10.

By Joe Nelson

A Scottish transplant to Canada, Joe writes about tech, film, streaming, games and sometimes other things. He lives with his partner and many, many plants. You can send him things or ask why you should fill your home with photos.

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