David Shamblin's divorce Did Gwen Shamblin remarry

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Gwen Shamblin was married twice while denying her previous marriages for a significant portion of her stay at Remnant Fellowship Church. David Shamblin is mostly remembered as Gwen Shamblin’s first husband, but he is otherwise a rather minor figure. He and Gwen established the Weigh Down Workshop for the Last Christians. To know more about David Shamblin’s divorce: Did Gwen Shamblin remarry keep reading.

David Shamblin’s divorce

Many women in Remnant Fellowship Church were naturally outraged by Gwen’s choice to divorce David Shamblin and marry Joe Lara so quickly in 2018, given that they had been instructed they were not allowed to divorce their spouses even in cases of persistent adultery.

Gwen and David Kids

Together, David and Gwen have produced two kids, Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah, who in turn have given rise to seven more grandkids.

Elizabeth, Gwen’s daughter, allegedly texted other members of the Remnant church after the incident and asked for prayer support.

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The breakup of David Shamblin

She allegedly said that a descent was required “for a controlled, quick landing.”It was revealed that Hannah’s stepfamily was on the same plane as her own husband, Brandon, and other church executives. father’s

Michael Shamblin, Gwen’s other child, and his wife Erin have four children. After Gwen Shamblin Lara divorced her husband of 40 years, she reportedly married Joe Lara.

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David remarry with Joe Lara

Lara was a San Diego native and actor best known for his starring role as Tarzan in the 1989 TV movie Tarzan in Manhattan and the subsequent 1990s TV series. Lara met the pastor, Gwen, at Remnant Fellowship Church in Nashville, where he worked as a handyman. Lara grew up with a wealthy stepfather, and he allegedly only dated women who could keep up with his lavish spending habits. Lara was able to pursue his goals of becoming a country music sensation thanks to the church’s recording studio, which several former members of Remnant Fellowship believe he used to gain access to his new wife’s money and influence. It is believed by ex-members that Shamblin married Lara in part because she wanted to have a publicly supporting husband by her side.

Lara had a child with her sporadic ex-girlfriend Natasha Pavlovich in November 2010, years before she started dating Gwen. Lara and Pavlovich had a daughter shortly after they relocated to Nashville so that Lara could attempt to pursue a career in music. But his music failed to take off, and when Pavlovich wanted to transfer the family to Chicago to be closer to Lara’s relatives, Lara falsely accused him of sexually abusing their then-four-year-old daughter. After Lara’s accusations were debunked, the report was discarded. After Lara wed Gwen Shamblin, he and Pavlovich got into a heated custody battle over their daughter that lasted until Pavlovich’s untimely death in a plane crash in May 2021. Lara is accused of being the plane’s pilot when it crashed, taking the lives of Gwen and five other prominent members of the Remnant Fellowship Church.

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