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Unexpectedly, the tokenomics for the cryptocurrency Aptos (APT) were leaked by the South Korean crypto exchange Upbit in a PDF paper.

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The report includes a chart detailing the distribution of APT tokens, which shows that the community receives 51.02%, core contributors receive 19.0%, the foundation receives 16.50%, and investors receive 13.48%. Aptos (APT) coin by Aptos Labs has been listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like as Binance, FTX, Coinbase, Huobi, and OKX.

Economics of the Aptos (APT) Token Are Accidentally Revealed in an Upbit Report

Cobie, a well-known figure in the crypto community, voiced worry that multiple large exchanges have listed the Aptos (APT) token without providing specifics on tokenomics. He argues that trading platforms should give customers more background on the cryptocurrencies and tokens they’re considering purchasing.

It’s not ideal that Aptos is listed on exchanges like FTX and Binance without any sort of tokenomics transparency.

Users should be able to get at least some fundamental information about a product before purchasing it, and this should be a requirement for listing anything.

Upbit, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, mistakenly divulged APT token economics in their paper, which was later revealed by several Twitter users. With the help of Aptos Labs, the total number of APT tokens available at the genesis stage will never exceed 1 billion.

The APT token distribution is as follows:

51.02 percent to the community, 19.02 percent to the key contributors, 16.50 percent to the foundation, and 13.48 percent to the investors.

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Aptos Labs issued a brief tweet after the disclosure with details about Aptos tokenomics. There’s a link to an article with information about the genesis supply, distribution plan, estimated token supply plan, and forecasted token supply changes.

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