Cristopher Mason on 'humans living on other planet'

Cristopher Mason devised a detailed plan to show how humans can live on hundreds of exoplanets when the earth can no longer sustain life. Professor Mason said in his book “The Next 500 Years: Designing Life to Reach the New World” that the magnification and brightness of the sun will make humans unable to bear the earth within the next billion years.

“This means we can’t stay here forever, no matter how beautiful it is. We will have to leave at some point,” he said at an event in the New Scientist magazine. He believes that genetic engineering is “our responsibility, not only to us but to all living things” to ensure the survival of life. Professor Mason said he expects that by 2400 there will be more exoplanets that may be habitable. He said his tiered proposal includes plans to build a “ship of generations” in which people will live and die on their way to the new world.

“This is an extraordinary moment. We have just started to map, but we already have a good list of candidates,” he said. He believes that by 2500, we will be able to send a generation of spacecraft to set routes for new stars and planets of origin.

Professor Mason described how genetic engineering can help humans overcome problems related to settling on another planet, for example by allowing humans to produce their own amino acids or nutrients. He acknowledged that this idea “raised major ethical issues,” but said it may represent an era when genetically modified humans have become a completely new species. The scientist discussed how DNA editing can help reduce the risks associated with space travel and enable people to tolerate extreme conditions so that they can live safely on other planets. He said that research on the effects of space travel on the DNA of astronauts provides valuable information on how to protect people from future life beyond Earth.

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“People often say why this is the case? We do this not just because we want to leave the earth,” he said. “We want to love the earth, but if we look far enough into the future, we will find that nothing is absolutely stable. ”

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