Sputnik V is the third coronavirus vaccine approved in India after Covishield (Oxford-Astrazeneca) and Covaxin. Although the import of Russian vaccines continues, there have been many rumors about the use of vaccines. In terms of productivity, immunity and side effects, although all the three approved vaccines have good advantages in reducing the risks associated with harmful coronaviruses, there are some significant differences.

Based on the interim results of clinical studies conducted in Russia, the Sputnik V vaccine has been approved by the Drug Comptroller Genral of India (DGCI) for emergency use. These results show that the effective rate of Sputnik V is 91.6, which is very effective in fighting the severity of the disease. disease. It was recently discovered that the neutralizing effect of the British variant of the virus exceeds 81%, while the effect of Covishield used globally exceeds 70.4%. If the vaccine dose is increased, it can be increased to 90%.

Both traditional brands and mRNA models can support their work by producing certain immunogenic effects that can also cause reactions. Although most of these side effects will disappear within a few days, they vary from person to person. Humanity. The nature of these side effects may also vary slightly depending on the vaccine.

Knowing the side effects of the vaccine can not only help people prepare for injections in advance, but certain side effects can also help determine which model is best for the person based on their health and susceptibility. It may be safer for a person to have blood clots or use anticoagulants, especially when we can now choose the vaccine of our own choice. It briefly explained how the side effects of the Covaxin and Covishield vaccines in Russia were disclosed. Because at this time, people can choose to keep their preferred vaccine after knowing the benefits and possible side effects of the vaccine. This is a good decision.

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It is important to remember that all vaccines used comply with regulations and safety standards and are almost equally effective in preventing coronavirus infection. Encourage children to get vaccinated at all times.

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