As the second deadly COVID-19 wave swept the country, some states and cities closed their stadiums to help control the spread of the coronavirus. In many parts of the country, stadiums are still open. Does this mean you should do this? Do you go to the gym or stay at home to contribute to the fight against this reckless disease? Stay at home, stay safe, and exercise at home.

This is the consensus of trainers, health professionals, and gym owners’ lounges. There is no doubt that the second wave of Covid-19 hit India. The virus seems to be spreading, and staying inside is the safest way for us to avoid infection.

Subhash Jangid, Fortis Bone and United, Gurugram Fortis Memorial Institute The director and director of the institute. You never know when and where you were infected. The gym cannot guarantee that you will not be infected with the coronavirus. To go to the gym, you must leave the house.

For stadium owners like Mumbai-based Easy Human co-founder Sandeep Sachdev and Bangalore Namma Crossfit founder A.K. Abhinav, this is not an opportunity. It also encourages people to exercise at home and provides more space for the stadium.  Pallavi Barman from HRX Fitness Instructor and Concierge said that the only gym you should visit is the family gym (if any).

Nowadays, many cases are asymptomatic, and it is difficult to determine who is a carrier and who is not. It is much better to isolate and exercise at home than to take risks,” said Abinaf, who contracted in March. Coronavirus, but without any symptoms. However, training must continue to better deal with the virus after contracting the virus. However, if you really need to run or walk because these activities help maintain mental health, please do not wear a mask in the early morning.

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Exercise at the same time. Once and only keep a certain distance from other people, Jangid and Nagakar are recommended. There are seven complete exercise methods to choose from to help you stay in shape at home.

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