Science still cannot explain why we chant on alarm clocks, why we are satisfied with Christmas cherries or how coffee smells. The mystery of what consciousness is is sometimes referred to as a “difficulty” because despite advances in brain mapping and neuroscience, the nature of consciousness is still a mystery.

The philosopher Jacob Howie said: “We don’t know how the firing of neurons in the brain triggers our subjective perception of the world.” “We can imagine a computer constructed like a brain. We can still It is easy to imagine that the computer is unconscious. It just stimulates neurons. It is very difficult to connect excitatory neurons. The electric discharge between cells is very difficult. Then whether Professor Howie will study science and philosophy of mind in his cognitive and philosophy laboratory Leading the new Meditation Research and Awareness Center of Monash University with a donation of $12 million from Martin and the Three Resources Foundation. Loreto Hoskins (Loreto Hoskins).The center will open in early 2022 and will employ philosophers and scholars in the humanities as well as neuroscientists, psychologists and doctors.

This will be a research center that mainly studies conscience and contemplation, teaching the practice of contemplation to students and society as a whole. There will also be dialogues between different faiths. Professor Hoy hopes to invite psychologists and cognitive scientists to help solve this problem. He said: “For a person engaged in scientific research, it is very unusual that any state of consciousness can be changed without changing the state of the brain.” This has a material basis, but it is different from all subjective aspects of consciousness. Both can be explained by simply enumerating the changes that activate certain forms of neurons.

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This is where interesting philosophical works come into play: What are the limitations of our ability to interpret subjective experience? He said that the Buddhist experience in Chad has integrated mindfulness practice into a historical and philosophical background, rather than just treating it as a “product, phone application.”

“As far as I know, the moral aspect, that is, the human relationship aspect, is really very important and exciting,” said the doctor. Chadha. The center will also study “other religious, secular and humanistic traditions to understand how they operate”. He says.

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