Big Brother's: Christmas Abbott and Memphis GarrettGet Married in Georgia

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett, stars of Big Brother 22, also known as Big Brother: All-Stars, married during Memorial Day weekend in Savannah, Georgia. The couple met on the show’s 2020 all-stars season and were immediately drawn to each other. They didn’t start exploring their feelings until after the show finished. Christmas and Memphis confirmed their relationship in December 2020.

Memphis and Christmas, who previously competed on Big Brother 10 and Big Brother 19, respectively, avoided a showmance during the all-stars season to avoid being distracted from their gaming. However, because they both have young sons, they created a tight friendship in which they bonded over being parents. River’s father is Memphis, and Loyal’s mother is Christmas. They also became allies in the game, cooperating to evict their opponents. After the event, they reunited in Florida and even attended Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo’s wedding in March 2021. Memphis stunned Christmas with a proposal in June 2021 at the Little Palm Island Resort and Spa in Florida, which she enthusiastically accepted after months of dating.


On May 28, Christmas and Memphis were wedded in a lovely wedding ceremony at Savannah’s State Railroad Museum. Memphis wore a Tom Ford black tuxedo, and Christmas wore a Laura Nagle white gown, according to E! News. Adam Campbell and David Yurman’s wedding rings were exchanged. Christmas admitted that she had intended to marry in a local courtroom, but Memphis persuaded her to change her mind. “He wanted our family and friends to celebrate our love and feel the love of that event,” she explained. Memphis, the Garrett Hospitality Group founder and CEO, is a master at planning special events, so he orchestrated the wedding. Christmas has been explained, “We discussed a few ideas, and then he planned everything! What he came up with was awe-inspiring. It’s what he does, and he does it well. The finest blessing is marrying him; the wedding is a bonus!”

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Christmas Abbott Memphis Garrett Proposal

Memphis told E! News that he is excited about the future with his wife. He stated that the best part about marrying Christmas is that he will be able to spend the rest of his life with her and that they would be able to continue to grow and nurture their relationship together. He continued, “We have a lot of fun together and complement one another perfectly. You never want to let anything like that go when you find it.

She’ll always be my girl.” “He is my best buddy and my HOME, and I get to spend forever with him,” Christmas had similar sentiments about Memphis. A few weeks into their Big Brother season, Memphis said he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Christmas. He clarified, “I’ve known she was destined to be a part of my life since the first time I saw her years ago; I didn’t know. After spending a few weeks with her, I was certain.”

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Since they met in the Big Brother house, Christmas and Memphis have enjoyed a romantic relationship. They join a long list of happily married couples who met on TV. Their bond was forged via Big Brother, and it evolved into a wonderful love. As Christmas and Memphis frequently write on social media, they will always be each other’s “Final 2!”

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