Last weekend (April 24), China held the sixth “National Aerospace Day” (also known as “Aerospace Achievement Exhibition”) in Nanjing. This event demonstrated China’s success in the aerospace field. On Thursday in May (May 7 this year), people will be interested in space exploration and STEMS to inspire the next generation of astronauts and aerospace engineers.

The Chang’e-5 mission (showing some returned lunar samples) and the name of China’s first Mars rover (Zhurong) that landed on the red planet later in the month, but another interesting clip is one of China’s leading missile manufacturers The captured video was shown to show that they were working on a rocket similar to a spaceship. In the video, we saw two different concepts that provide suborbital passenger flights, which may be completed before 2040.

Eric Berger of Ars Technica reflected on YouTube to attract a wider audience. The animation first shows a spaceport with multiple launch ramps nearby, each ramp showing vertical take-off and vertical landing in two stages. (VTOL) The missile is very similar to the “Starship” and “Super Heavy”. Similar to a starship, it is also the way the first-stage booster returns to Earth after separation, indicating that it is a completely reusable system.

Then, we saw the passengers looking down at the earth, experiencing a brief period of weightlessness before the spacecraft began its maneuvering descent. At the end of the flight, the spacecraft clearly landed in multiple time zones in a large city (because they landed at night). It is unclear whether China’s plan to develop a spacecraft-like rocket will include equipment for missions to the moon and Mars (suborbital point-to-point flight).

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However, since regular flights to the Moon and Mars are also part of the roadmap, China may intend to fully adopt the design and appearance of the spacecraft mission. One thing is certain: China hopes to become a space superpower by the middle of the 21st century, not just one of several countries. You need to catch up before then. Their growth rate is second to none.

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