Chelsea Handler Explains Why She and Jo Koy Broke Up

Why Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy Broke Up

Chelsea Handler built her reputation as a comedian who didn’t shy away from talking about her life on stage, but in recent years she’s discovered peace and clarity.

When discussing her upcoming Netflix special, Revolution, with Brooke Shields on her Now What? podcast, Handler discussed the ways in which it diverges from her prior work and how her relationship with Jo Koy changed her perspective on life and love.

She said of the December 27, “I’m a professional now, so it’s sharp.” “The story is both humorous and moving. Romance blossoms. It’s about how I started to lose faith in men and all the reasons why, met Jo Koy and got my faith back in men, and then it still didn’t work out. It’s about how I learned not to close down and shut myself off after a failed relationship, and how I learned not to use that failure as an excuse to start dating again.”

‘No,’ she replied. “Currently, I am not in a relationship. I wish for that intimacy once more because of everything I’ve accomplished.”

On September 20, 2021, Handler and Koy, who met while working on Chelsea Lately, announced their romance to the world through Instagram. Until June of 2022, just before their first wedding anniversary.

After marrying an old acquaintance, Handler hopes to encourage other women to “never settle.” She said the relationship had made her rethink marriage.

I’m not really ready to get married, but I was willing to consider it because he felt strongly about it. “By the time we broke up, I knew we weren’t meant to be together.”

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The reason for the breakup is unclear, but Handler did say that “moving away was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

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