Central Cee Relationships and Dating History!

Central Cee dated a numerous women and now he is currrently dating Madeline Argy, a popular tiktok user and influencer. Central Cee is reportedly dating Madeline Argy, according to extensive study conducted by TikTok users. Photographs taken last week on Ibiza show the couple on their way out of a night club. To know more about Central Cee Relationships and Dating History! read the entire Post.

Central Cee and Madison Argy are dating

TikTok completely imploded this week due to speculation that Madeline Argy was seeing Central Cee. Someone compiled the proof that Central Cee and Madeline Argy were dating into a TikTok and posted it online. It was reported last night that Madeline Argy confirmed the relationship rumours. Though the film was puzzling, it has strengthened the convictions of its viewers.

In a recent TikTok video, Madeline addressed dating rumours. Wearing a T-shirt that reads “I enjoy lying,” she says in the video, “I’ve never heard of Central Cee, I’m just as baffled as you are.” Just what would we discuss?

Madeline is making a sandwich as Central Cee stands behind her in the kitchen. Fans of Madeline’s comedic videos took this as her sarcastic way of confirming the link.

Fans on TikTok assumed they were an item since they share mutual Instagram followers and each owns a similar pullover. In an interview with Genius, Central Cee disclosed that his current partner is bisexual. Madeline may be attracted to both men and women, but she has kept mum about her present relationship status.

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Perhaps the most convincing evidence that Central Cee is dating Madeline is a video of him leaving a building with a woman who looks like Madeline. Though he did not verify his suspicion, TikTok thought it was Madeline. Don’t count on an official confirmation; it’s not in their nature to do so. Guys, this is it.

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Who are Central Cee’s ex girlfriends?

Kenza Boutrif

The two were in a relationship when Kenza Boutrif dated Central Cee. Central Cee and Kenza’s rumoured relationship drama stems from their alleged “commitment issues.” Based on their on-screen chemistry, viewers assumed they were a couple. Since then, neither of them has spoken publicly about their relationship. The rumour is confirmed by this.

Liyah Mai

At the age of 22, Central Cee dated Instagram model Liyah Mai. Followers have gotten cues from social media. Liyah Mai spread rumours by posting a video from the back of a moving vehicle.The song “Loading” by Cental Cee is being danced to by both of them.

Rappers’ fans were piqued by the rapper’s lyrical references to Liyah. According to the lyrics, he has his sights set on Liyah Mai as a future wife. The audience thought it was a love video.

Malu Trevejo

Then, after fans saw numerous hints on his social media profiles, they began to speculate that he was dating Malu Trevejo. Malu shared a picture of herself on May 15 with Central Cee gripping her waist. Fans recently linked him off with fellow Tik Tok star Madeline Argy after seeing them together at a bar.

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It’s been said that Central Cee had a plethora of girlfriends. His record of past relationships is impressive. As of now, he hasn’t provided much dialogue. He is apparently seeing the popular TikTok user and influencer Madeline Argy. A large number of clubgoers saw them leave. Madeline has been seen in a hoodie from Central Cee’s.

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