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CCMDD login is an online health department health Republic of South Africa. Welcome to SyNCH – Synchronised National Communication in Health.

In South Africa, the number of people who need long-term therapy has grown at a rate that has never been seen before in the last ten years. South Africa has made sure that everyone with HIV or AIDS can get antiretroviral therapy (ART). At the same time, the number of people with no communicable diseases (NCDs) who need long-term therapy has been growing steadily.

Because of changes in the country’s population, public health care facilities like primary health care clinics (PHCs) are now too full. This has put a huge strain on the resources that are already there, causing drug shortages and bad service.

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How Does CCMDD Login Works?

Most of the time, a patient with a long-term illness gets enough medicine to last for six months. Between clinical exams, the patient only has to go to the health centre every six months to pick up their medicine. As much as 70% of a facility’s daily prescription load will be spent on filling repeat prescriptions.

Enter CCMDD. When a patient needs medications that weren’t available during their regular appointment, they may have to wait a long time or even make a second trip to the facility. This could make it hard for the patient to stick to their treatment plan, which could hurt their health, and it makes things hard for the patient in terms of transportation costs and lost income.

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How To Register for CCMDD @ CCMDD Login

  • Registration on CCMDD is restricted to those who satisfy the prerequisites. Ask your healthcare worker about CCMDD at your next clinic appointment.
  • The method for registration is this:
  • In the event that you’re eligible, the medical professional will sign you up for the CCMDD programme.
  • You get an SMS when you parcel is ready to pickup.
  • When you go to pick up your prescription, don’t forget to bring a valid form of identification and your CCMDD Collection Card.
  • You need to go get your medicine. It will be in a sealed box.
  • After 6 months visit your doctor to get examined and get your script reissued.

How To Login CCMDD


To get sucessfully login enter your username and password to the provided field…….

How To Reset CCMDD Login Password

Recover Login Password

Open the link and click on “Recover lost password” then follow the instruction…….

Pharmacies in the private sector of CCMDD

In the private sector, pharmacies and health care facilities can be open longer hours, even on weekends, than in the public sector. Also, private sector stores are usually closer to where patients work. This, combined with shorter wait times, means that patients can pick up their medications without having to take a day off or lose a day’s income.

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