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What is BWStock Login?

There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of brokerages like BWSTOCKS that have come and gone before BWSTOCKS login. Some things should be brought up. First of all, we have an attempt at unique presentation that bombed miserably, with colours as exciting as watching black paint dry. In addition, there was an acute awareness of being in the dark. It’s as though BWSTOCKS was missing some information to fill the voids between the phrases. The final product, a mix of untruths and unfulfilled promises, is also available. Everything adds up to make BWSTOCKS, a dubious offshore broker.

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And there isn’t anything that contradicts our initial assessment. The use of a completely fictitious U.S. address also comes off as more of a lame attempt than a serious argument.

In terms of how strict FX rules are, the United States is unlike any other country in the world. The local regulators, the CFTC and the NFA, are the strictest and most demanding of all regulators. They make sure that only a few big brokers control the US FX market. Just by looking at BWSTOCKS, you can tell that this company has no chance.

Does BWSTOCKS is without a doubt UNREGULATED and a risk to all?

Investing in brokers that aren’t regulated is like throwing your money out the window and letting the wind spread it. It’s clear that no one would do something like that. Choose brokers who are regulated by organisations you can trust, such as the FCA or CySEC. These groups work closely with the law, enforce it when necessary, and have strict rules for the people they watch. Not to mention that people who work for them are part of compensation funds that pay up to £85,000 (FCA) and €20,000 (EC) to clients who have been hurt by them (CySEC).

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We found out very quickly that our talk about the trading conditions will end as soon as it starts. We only find mentions that you can trade forex currency pairs, oil, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and, out of the blue, sports. We don’t know how to trade in sports, and we don’t think BWSTOCKS does either. When it comes to trading real estate, it’s rare for a broker to be able to help with that. BWSTOCKS has a different kind of broker in mind.

The trading platform, or rather the lack of a trading software, is also a problem. Yes, there is no trading software, which means that these assets and sports cannot be traded on anything. Who would then need a spread or a leverage value?


We were not able to get to a trading platform, which was a shame. The most worrying thing about this is that the website doesn’t really talk about a trading software, which probably means that there isn’t one.

In the account information on the website, there is a mention of a “saily profit percentage,” which makes it sound like users put money in and then the money starts to grow out of thin air. There is no economic initiative here, even though BWSTOCKS says it is giving away money for free.

How To Make A BWSTOCKS Minimum Deposit

Putting money into brokers who aren’t licenced is a complete waste of money.

  • The minimum deposit is $20, which is also the minimum amount needed to open a basic account.
  • The legal papers say that clients can make deposits using a Bitcoin wallet. This is all we needed to hear; now we know that all deposits at BWSTOCKS are risky. All crypto deposits made with scammers can’t be tracked, so it’s hard to get your money back.
  • There are no other details about how to make a deposit.
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How To Withdrawl Time And Fees @ BWSTOCKS

As we’ve already said, it will be hard, if not impossible, to get money out of BWSTOCKS.

We have some evidence that shows users can only withdraw to the same BTC wallet they used to deposit with.

The broker has nothing else besides this vague idea of how withdrawals work. There is no information about fees or how long the process will take. We always say that fees are just around the corner with unlicensed brokers because scammers come up with them on the spot.

Don’t Provide Credit Card CVV Code

The only thing standing between a buyer and a product is the CVV code. Even if the buyer has provided all other required information, the transaction cannot be finalised without it. By entrusting another person with this information, you are effectively giving them permission to utilise your money for their own benefit. Warning: unlicensed brokers will try to take advantage of you.

Do Not Give Anyone Access To Your PC Or Bank Account Using Anydesk or TeamViewer

Never allow an untrusted agent access to your computer using a remote desktop programme like AnyDesk or TeamViewer. These two programmes enable an outsider to take control of your computer, usually for the benefit of providing assistance or direction but in the case of these brokers, to steal your money and personal details. The only thing stopping the con artists is if they get your permission to do it.

How To Complete BWSTOCK Account Verification

Again, be wary about who you give your identification and proof of address documents to. Trustworthy brokers ask for these before traders may deposit to make a check up. Deceitful ones would ask for these details, claiming the anti-money laundering legislation as justification, after you start asking too many questions and are getting suspicious of their operations. Understand that they will utilise these to make a stronger case against you in the event that you request a chargeback.

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We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to stay far away from this broker, from whom you will never see your money or profits again. All withdrawals are treated with the utmost care and respect when they are processed through a broker that is FCA/CySEC regulated.

How To Recover BWSTOCK Login Account

The most sound suggestion we could provide you is to immediately file for a chargeback with you credit card company.

If you have handed over your credit card credentials including the CVV number to the “broker” you should cancel it ASAP and verify with your bank to see the harm suffered.

Be wary of any so-called “recovery” agencies or agents. These cheeky crooks promise to fix your situation and recover the lost monies. They offer their services in exchange of a small payment from your end, after which you won’t ever hear from them again.

As a last ditch effort, these scumbags would sometimes comment on reviews, claiming that reviewers aren’t objective and that no one writes excellent evaluations.

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