Here you will find Information on Brightburn 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Box office, Story Plot & Updates. American director David Yarovesky helmed and co-wrote the script for the 2019 superhero film Brightburn with Brian and Mark Gunn. James Gunn and Kenneth Huang co-produced the film, and Sony Pictures handled distribution.

Brightburn Box office performance

The film’s budget was around $6-12 million, and it earned $32.9 million at the box office. Since Brightburn was so well received, its sequel will soon be in theatres. Brightburn 2 will also be a horror film like the first one. There will be superheroes in Brightburn 2.

Brightburn 2 Release Date

Brightburn 2 will be released, but the specific date of its theatrical debut has not been set. James Gunn, who will produce Brightburn 2, is also busy with The Suicide Squad at the moment; after that is over, he will devote his full attention to Brightburn 2. It is anticipated that Brightburn 2 would be made available in the end of the year 2022.

 Brightburn 2 plot

While the film’s precise storyline remains unknown, several details have been pieced together using fragments from the film’s credit view. Brandon will likely use his powers destructively in Brightburn 2.

Brandon, it is said, will be seen murdering many people and demolishing buildings. This film could hardly be further from a Superman story. As soon as the movie’s trailer is released, the complete story will be revealed.

Brightburn 2’s plot can be anticipated by reading the original novel’s storyline. In the first film of the franchise, we met Brandon Breyer, the offspring of an alien named Bright and a human woman. In the beginning of the film, he is shown as a typical young man: a victim of schoolyard bullying and a devoted son to his doting father, Hal.

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Brandon discovers his gift as he gets older and uses it to defend himself and exact revenge on bullies. He questions his humanity after learning about his alien origins. Brightburn 2 will probably continue the plot from where the first film left off.

In the closing credits of Brightburn, we see reports of Brandon (now known as Brightburn following his birthplace) spreading carnage, intercut with video from a YouTube conspiracy theory show presented by a guy named The Big T (James Gunn’s longtime collaborator Michael Rooker). According to Big T, Brightburn isn’t the only one with extraordinary abilities.

The stories suggest that there are other, like super-human mass murderers in the world, such as a half-sea beast, half man demon infamous for sinking ships and a witch who uses rope to suffocate people and make them reveal the truth.

Brightburn 2 cast

The cast of Brightburn 2 includes: Abraham Clinkscales as Royce Breyer, Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer, Jennifer Holland as Ms. Espenschied, and Jackson A. Dunn as Brandon Breyer. In addition, Matt Jones will portray Noah McNichol, David Denman will play Kyle Breyer, and Meredith Hagner will represent Merilee McNichol.

Brightburn 2 Trailer

There is still no public release date for the Brightburn 2 trailer. Whenever the Brightburn 2 trailer is made public, this section will be revised to reflect it.

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