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Star of the hit TV series “Full House,” Bob Saget is widely recognised for his portrayal of Danny Tanner. Through eight seasons of growing pains, family strife, and “You got it, dude”s, the show’s popularity rested on the shoulders of the compulsively clean, sometimes domineering yet loveable father of three. Even if “Full House” couldn’t have existed without Bob Saget (which almost happened), it’s hard to imagine the actor-comedian ever getting into trouble, given how naturally he plays the virtuous father role. Despite his success in masking his nasty side on “Full House,” Saget went on to have a very vulgar comedy career after the show ended.

Even with his history of foul language, he was nevertheless cast as recurrent character on Netflix’s “Full House” reboot, “Fuller House,” which ran for seasons before ending in 2020 (with triple wedding in the finale!). 
However, Saget’s actions and interactions with the Olsen sisters during the original show’s production remain mysterious.

Bob Saget controversy- Explosive information revealed at Bob Saget’s Roast

While it’s common for roasts to be a bit irreverent, Comedy Central’s 2008 roast of Bob Saget went much beyond the norm by include multiple instances of blatant political incorrectness. The jokes, inquiries, and (although humorous) charges of Bob Saget’s sexual misbehaviour increased as each new comedian took the stage. Brian Posehn, a comedian, made the joke that, “Bob has contributed greatly to the progress of the country. For eight seasons, the show “Full House” kept paedophiles off the streets for half an hour every week. The programme featured three of them, in fact.”

Comedian Jeff Ross asked Saget about his interactions with Mary-Kate Olson in considerably more detail than Posehn had provided. Saget’s adored “Full House” co-star John Stamos joined in the fun, bringing up Mary-Kate once more and implying that Saget had very particular fetishes that ran counter to his wholesome on-screen persona.

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The evening’s running jokes clearly focused on Bob Saget’s personal tastes. The event’s “jokes” continued along these lines, only becoming more frightening as the night progressed. It’s worth noting, though, that this sort of “humour” was par for the course in Comedy Central roasts in the late aughts. The point wasn’t honesty but rather offensiveness.

It has been revealed that on the set of Full House, Saget made obscene hand motions.

Bob Saget said in his memoir “Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian” (2014) that when neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley Olsen were available for practise, the performers on “Full House” would utilise a Michelle-sized doll. Sounds reasonable, right? It’s not unthinkable that there could be occasions when neither set of twins is available to run through sequences, given that they shared the role so that one could step in for the other if the other got weary or cranky. Nonetheless, the practise doll wasn’t always treated properly, especially when Saget was present.

Saget finally opens up about his true feelings for the Olsen twins.

What Happened between Bob Saget and Olsen Twins?

Some “Fuller House” viewers believed Saget’s history of sexual misconduct allegations when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned down the opportunity to reprise their part as Michelle Tanner (via HITC). However, in an interview with “According to an article in “People Magazine,” “Fuller House” producer Bob Boyett revealed that when he first approached the twins about reprising the role of Michelle, “Ashley said, ‘I have not been in front of a camera since I was 17, and I don’t feel comfortable acting,’ [and] Mary-Kate said, ‘It would have to be me because Ash doesn’t want to do it. Unfortunately, this comes at a terrible time for us.”

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Furthermore, it seems unlikely that the producers of “Fuller House” would have hired Saget without first investigating his background. The first episode of “Fuller House” aired in February 2016, which was two years after the actor’s memoir came out and eight years after the Comedy Central Roast debuted. After allegations surfaced that Jeff Franklin often cast women with whom he had an intimate relationship in small roles, the showrunners of “Fuller House” were forced to reshuffle the deck midway through production. Producers of “Fuller House” wouldn’t have hired Saget if they thought that would get him fired.

Saget, for his part, has recently claimed that he and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have a good connection, despite the comedian’s troubling past gestures. In a podcast interview from 2021 with Michael Rosenbaum, “Saget added, “Ashley and Mary-Kate… I love so much,” referring to the characters in Inside of You. We try to get together whenever possible, whether I’m in New York or they’re in California.”

There is ultimately no proof of any assaults, only (very stupid) jokes. If significant claims of sexual misbehaviour do occur, however, as Devon Godhe pointed out in his story for The Ramapo News, these jokes and gestures will undoubtedly take on greater significance.

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