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With the cost of living in our country steadily rising, many recipients will be relieved by the Prime Minister’s announcement of the payment date of BKM Phase 2. So here is the proper guide to help you to connect with bkm hasil gov my login.

In 2022, it is anticipated that 8.6 million BKM beneficiaries will receive this payment. When compared to BRIM, BSH, BPR, BKC, and other forms of aid, it provides the greatest amount of help. Depending on their BKM eligibility category, participants in Phase 2 of the BKM payment programme may receive up to RM500.

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MyBKM portal at bkm.hasil.gov.my

The following advice is based on our previous experience creating similar recommendations. The rumour was genuine, and the link now allows BKM registration. Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia also allows you to update information such as your current phone number, marital status, and number of children.

How To Login BKM Hasil Gov Online Secure Access

BKM Hasil Gov My Login

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account………..

How To Reset BKM Hasil Gov My Login Password

BKM Hasil Gov Forgot Password?

To reset your login password you need to follow the link and then enter your registered email address to the provided…….. Click on the submit button and system will check then send you password reset link………. open the link into web browser and follow the instruction to reset your login password ………..

How To Apply For New BKM Hasil Gov My Login 2022 – UPDATE BKM 2022

  1. Click New Application to make a New Application or click BKM Login to update the Application – Enter the MyKad No. and password that has been registered.
  2. After successfully logging in, the Application Update menu display will be displayed
  3. Next enter the No. The applicant’s MyKad in room No. MyKad and click the Check button. Then complete all applicant information marked (*) – mandatory.
  4. Then click the Continue button after all the information is filled in completely.
  5. Then fill in the Captcha Code as displayed on the Confirmation menu and click the Confirm Captcha button.
  6. Then the Applicant Certificate display will be displayed. Please make sure the information displayed is accurate then Tick the Applicant Certificate button.
  7. Click the Submit button to continue the application.
  8. Once the application has been successfully submitted, the applicant confirmation screen will be displayed. Applicants can click the Print button if they want to make a Print Copy of the application.
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How To login to BKM using the bkm.hasil.gov.my link – Steps Guide

We are merely anticipating the official unveiling of the MyBKM webpage by the government, as we discussed above. We’re the type of people who prefer to plan way in advance. If it really is live later on, all you have to do is click the “Log In” button.

We are unable to provide a definitive answer to your query of when you will be able to access BKM, as its very existence is currently in dispute.

BKM’s portal, when it’s available, will have a similar layout and user interface to BPR and BKC. In any case, if our research is right, these are the entry points into BKM via MyBKM:

  1. To view BKM’s official website, please click https://bkm.hasil.gov.my.
  2. Here’s a handy shortcut: https://bkm.hasil.gov.my/Account/Login will take you directly to your Bantuan Rakyat account.
  3. Here’s another quick link for further verification: https://bkm.hasil.gov.my/SemakanStatusBKM.aspx
  4. MyKad No. Input Required
  5. Check that the 12 digit MyKad No you entered is correct.
  6. Leave omit any hyphens or dashes while filling in the blanks.
  7. MyKad Number: 960404-14-5555 Enter: 960404145555
  8. Select the Verify option.
  9. Without any hitches, details about BKM acceptance and payment would be shown.
  10. Done

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