BJP Leaders on fuel price hike

Since the election results were announced to the five state councils on May 2, 2021, the country’s fuel prices have soared. As fuel prices soared, many BJP leaders made strange excuses and outrageous claims. The newest member on the list is Pradhuman Singh Tomar, Minister of Energy of Madhya Pradesh, who advises people to cycle to the vegetable market to stay healthy and clean up pollution. He also said, “Who uses petrol and diesel? Are we going to the vegetable market by cycle? This will keep us healthy and end pollution. Do we need gasoline and diesel for our health?”

Tomar said he rode a bicycle and said that the money was “not going to any leader’s house, but to the poor in the country”. He added that people will receive free rations before Diwali. This is not the first time a BJP politician has made such a comment.

In early February of this year, the leader of the BJP leader and Minister of Bihar Province Narayan Prasad stated that the increase in fuel prices will not affect citizens who use public transportation. He also added that “people will get used to the higher prices.”

A few days ago, Federal Minister of Oil and Gas Dharmendra Pradhan stated that although high oil prices are a problem, government expenditures have increased due to Covid relief efforts. “The center is saving money for recovery plans.” He also said that the leader of Congress Rahul Gandhi must answer why fuel prices are high in states controlled by Congress, such as Punjab, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.

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Bihar Cheif Minister Nitish Kumar commented in February that although everyone hopes that oil prices will not rise but the prices are rising anyways. He also said that it is his choice to use an electric car. As it has no harmful effects on the environment.

In March 2020, Union Minister of state for external affairs V. Muraleedharan issued an insignificant statement on the increase in fuel prices. He told reporters in Kerala, “In the international market, gasoline prices have fallen, and the prices here have risen. There is no logic. When prices in the international market fall. Some part rises here. So there is overall profit in this.”

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