Baxter Neal Helson

There are persons whose biographies are good due to a particular feature. Followers like to know about heated events, especially those involving celebrities, whether in their personal or professional lives. It’s almost as if there’s an unspoken law that famous people must have a colorful life; else, they won’t get noticed.

Do you recognize the name? Whether you agree or disagree, Baxter Neal Helson is not a well-known name in the American or international entertainment industries. He was, nonetheless, in the public eye for a long time.

Early Life and Career of Baxter Neal Helson

Have you noticed how little information on Baxter Neal Helson’s early life is available on the internet? Despite this, we discovered that he had a great love for music from an early age.

He learned to play the drums, which helped him find his life. So he is acknowledged as a drummer in his career. He has spent a lot of time in music since he was a kid in Kentucky and Ashland. As a drummer, he contributed to these two princes’ tunes.

Baxter Neal Helson had to take a hiatus from acting when he was young to focus on his job and deal with several misfortunes. Despite this, he returned to the music industry after a long absence and enjoyed success. Regardless, his early existence is constrained to thus much information because he is a non-social individual.

There is no new information about his profession, activities, or musical works available on the internet at the moment. We have, however, kept a close eye on things and will update this article with accurate information as soon as we find something.

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Personal Life and Family of Baxter Neal Helson

Now we’ll get to the most exciting portion of the story: Baxter Neal Helson’s personal and family life. As previously stated, celebrities’ lives get filled with gossip, scandals, rumors, and other such things. People are more interested in their personal information than their professional accomplishments.

To pique your interest, we’ve compiled a list of information about his family life in this part. We discovered that information regarding Baxter Neal Helson’s private life is more flavorful than anything else after conducting a comprehensive investigation. His marriage life, on the other hand, is what made him famous. We’ve listed a few obscure facts that you should be aware of right now.

  • His Marital Life with Laticia Jean Finley, AKA Tish Cyrus

The Baxter Neal Helson is the ex-husband of Tish Cyrus, an American actress, is the most important fact about him. Is it shocking to you? It may sound ridiculous, yet it is correct. At a young age, they met for the first time at a local town celebration and fell in love right away.

They got along swimmingly, and the young couple began to live together after some time. The couple married in 1986 after deciding to take a relationship to the next level.

Tish revealed his pregnancy with their first child, Brandi Glenn, not long after their social wedding. At the time, she was just 19 years old. Tish Dempsey was expecting their second child, Trace Dempsey, in 1988, just as the couple began to gain notoriety. From 1986 through 1989, their marriage was rocky, and they eventually divorced.

  • He Has A Direct Relationship With Miley Cyrus’s Family
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The Cyrus family is well-known for a variety of reasons. Baxter Neal Helson gets thought to connection to Miley Cyrus, the famed singer. What happens if they don’t have a blood relationship but have an indirect link?

To be more specific, Miley is the daughter of Tish Cyrus, Helson’s ex-wife. Is everything clear now? Tish married Billy Ray Cyrus, a well-known American singer-songwriter, and gave birth to Miley after their divorce in 1993. Trace and Brandi, Baxter Helson’s biological children, were later adopted by Billy.

Have you noticed how exciting and enjoyable his family life is? There is a wealth of information concerning his personal life. Rather than focusing on Baxter’s work, the media appears to have made him famous by linking his name to that of his ex-wife.

  • Tish Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson’s Fight Over The Custody Of Their Kids

The cause behind Tish Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson’s divorce is unknown. Some say their relationship deteriorated when their son Trace was born. Tish got accused of having extramarital affairs against Baxter’s wishes.

However, after their divorce, the couple had a legal battle over Trace Dempsey and Brandi Glenn’s custody. Tish got granted custody of the children after several court sessions, and Baxter got granted permission to visit them regularly. He also could communicate with his children through the phone.

According to several stories, Baxter Neal Helson had some issues visiting his children initially. Tish was the source of most of these roadblocks, as she frequently banned him from them. After moving to Nashville, he submitted a petition to obtain a special visitation permit.

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The irony is that, despite all of their efforts, the children grew up to be uninterested in meeting their father. Several occurrences also suggest that Trace had a tumultuous connection with Baxter Neal Helson.

For example, Baxter referred to him as Neal, which the son despised. Second, he gave Trace a haircut, which made Trace extremely irritated with his father. Tish even filed a monitored visitation appeal, but it got denied by the court.

According to media reports, Baxter has already moved on and has not shared details about his personal life on social media. He is supposed to be currently residing in Phoenix and pursuing his drumming profession.

Net Worth of Baxter Neal Helson

Big names’ net worth is also a topic to discuss. How much money does Baxter have following his divorce from Tish? – This is a question that many fans have. According to media estimates, Baxter Neal Helson’s net worth gets believed to be USD 1.2 million. He earns the most of his money from his profession of drumming.


As we’ve seen, celebrities’ personal lives aren’t private, yet rumor about them takes center stage. There are numerous causes of a ‘not-so-famous person’ becoming famous for their involvement with a well-known one.

According to the biography provided above, Baxter Neal Helson is best known for being ‘Tish Cyrus’s ex-husband.’ Unfortunately, due to sources, information regarding his current life, notably his career, is restricted.

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