Apps to manage your monthly personal finance

Managing personal finances is a challenge, and some of us struggle to keep track of our monthly expenses. This is where technology can help a lot because you can use multiple applications at the same time to effectively control costs. They form savings spaces and serve as investment guides.

Here are five useful applications for managing personal finances.


Goodbudget is available for iOS and Android platforms and is one of the preferred apps to increase monthly savings. The app enables users to divide their expenses into multiple digital “envelopes” based on rental items, products, bills, and entertainment.

In addition, the app also allows sharing of household budgets with those sharing expenses and includes the ability to track monthly expenses.


For those who want to know how their monthly income is almost completely exhausted, the Pocketguard app may be the answer. The app is available in iOS and Android versions to analyze your monthly income, expenses, and savings. It explains where your money is spent in the form of a pie chart and allows you to set spending limits through the app to make budgeting easier.

YNAB (You need a budget)

YNAB or you need a budget is useful for users who want to set strict financial goals. The app allows you to prioritize everything from paying off debts to maximizing savings. Although the application is budget-oriented, it also allows users to share access rights with others, such as with spouse or close relatives. Paid members can use fast online help in the form of real-time interaction.

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Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a leading personal financial management application that enables you to fully understand your financial situation, manage daily expenses, tracks portfolio performance, and assists in making investment decisions. The app can also analyze your debt write-off plan, track cash flow, and help estimate your net worth. It should be noted that in addition to the mobile application, it also provides a desktop version.

Clarity Money

This is one of the applications you can use for personal finance in addition to other applications because it can track your subscription and monthly expenses. As more and more media shift to a subscription model, it would be helpful if the app can remind you that you will not spend money on services you no longer use.

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