As evidenced by a painful email Jolie sent in January 2021 and recently discovered, the exes’ present strife has been going on for much earlier than recent reports would indicate, and Jolie has had to be diplomatic in her approach to the separation from her Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star.

The email has appeared after Jolie’s allegations that Pitt attacked their daughter in 2016 and poured alcohol over her. The email starts off with her saying she’s “putting things in writing so not to get emotional,” and it just gets more heartbreaking from there.

Angelina Jolie’s Heartbreaking Email to Brad Pitt

Jolie mentioned the couple’s twins, Knox and Vivienne, and said, “It is the place we brought the twins home to, and where we were married over a plaque in my mother’s memory.” A spot where I imagined spending my golden years, full of hope for the future. It’s very hard to keep the tears from falling even as I type this. My recollections of how it was ten years ago are priceless to me.

Jolie alluded to Pitt’s alcoholism by saying, “But it is also the site that represents the beginning of the demise of our family” and the establishment’s reliance on alcoholic beverages. I hoped it would be the glue that kept us together and led us to enlightenment and harmony. I can see why you’ve been eager to get rid of me and expect that my email will be well received.

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