Angela Bassett has had Botox Twice - She Admits It Openly

Since the 1980s, Angela Evelyn Bassett has been a popular American actress with followers all over the world. She was born on August 16, 1958, in New York City to social worker Betty Jane (Gilbert) and Daniel Benjamin Bassett, Jr., the son of a Baptist minister. The 61-year-old actress isn’t ashamed of her anti-aging beauty routine, which includes two rounds of Botox. She said that she had used Botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for her cover story in NewBeauty. She admitted, “Of course I’ve experimented with it; just on a small scale, though; I still want my freedom of speech to be preserved!”

Angela Bassett’s Botox Experience

In a recent interview, Angela Bassett, 61, who is known for her openness, admitted that she has had Botox twice. She is proud to share her story with others, unlike many celebrities who try to keep their personal life under wraps.

Bassett admitted that she has tried Ultherapy, a non-surgical procedure that tightens and lifts the skin to diminish small wrinkles in problem regions like the forehead, neck, chin, and chest.

She recently gave an interview to New Beauty, where she discussed her beauty routine and regimen. She started off with the ones that were probably the safest bets.

Being constantly on camera or in the spotlight makes me extra conscious of my skin, so I make an effort to maintain a healthy routine at home. We must stress the significance of this. I prefer to be makeup-free when I’m not performing or filming, since I feel better when my skin isn’t clogged with artificial colors. I am a potions and lotions girl, so if you make me promises, I’ll give you a shot. Some of my favorite serums are those made by iS Clinical. There’s a reason I keep going back to them: they’re effective and convenient. I have my dermatologist, Dr. Pearl Grimes, here in Los Angeles, and I can find wonderful aestheticians just about anywhere.

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And then she shared a surprise—that she didn’t expect the audience would consider a surprise.

I know lashes are no surprise! Botox is no surprise! Although I am an advocate for going au naturale, I have given in twice. Just a little bit, not too much—I still need to express myself. And what else? Yes, I’ve even tried Ultherapy.

 Skincare routine

The actress also describes her  skincare routine she uses to maintain her beautiful, youthful appearance.

“I try to get by on seven hours of sleep, but if I just get six, I notice the difference right away. The rebound effect is diminished. You have to take care of yourself at anyhow.”

Angela’s mother was a wonderful inspiration for her and she tells how in her young days her mum helped her in taking care of her skin. She is very meticulous about what she eats and how she maintains her health, and she has made skin care a regular part of her routine.

“Even though my mother was a woman of low means, she would take me to a dermatologist every six weeks when I was a young girl in my teenage years. And when I was a young actor living in New York after I completed college, I would go to an aesthetician when I could afford to.”

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