Android 12

Google released the Android 12 operating system on Google I/O in 2021, which is the next major version of Android. The Beta version of the operating system is suitable for 11 mobile phone brands, including Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo, OnePlus, Pixel, etc. Some features are only available on Google Pixel phones and will be available later this year.

Android 12 devices are faster, more responsive, and more energy efficient. Google has reduced the CPU time required for central system services by 22%, and the kernel usage rate of system servers under Android 12 has been reduced by 15%. There is a new privacy control panel that provides a single view of permission settings, including information about what data is accessed, how often, and why. This also allows you to easily revoke application permissions from the control panel.

There is a new indicator in the upper right corner of the status bar to notify you when one of the applications accesses your microphone or camera. And, if you want to prevent applications across the system from accessing these sensors, you can easily do this with quick settings.

Android 12 also gives you more control over the amount of location information sent to the app. With the new approximate location permissions, the app may only be able to display its approximate location, but not the exact location. In addition to light and dark modes, Google also makes Android phones more personalized through wallpaper types. With Android 12 on Pixel devices, you can fully customize your phone with a customizable color palette and redesigned widgets. When you extract the color of the wallpaper, select the background image, and the system will automatically detect which colors dominate, which colors can complement and which look good.

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Android 12 will come with private computing core. Private Compute Core supports real-time subtitles, now playing and smart reply functions. All audio and voice processing are performed on devices isolated from the network to protect your privacy.

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