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Chris Rock is a well-known comedian who has gained widespread recognition. Yet I’m curious as to what information they have regarding Andi Rock. Andi Rock is the younger sibling of Chris Rock, but who exactly is she? What do the rest of their siblings do, and how many do they have? How would you describe their parents? Is she dating anyone, and if so, who is it? See below for details on all of this and more.

Andi Rock is the sister of Christopher Julius Rock, an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. Andi Rock has multiple skillsets, including that of writer and producer.She’s the youngest and only girl among seven brothers. Her year of birth is 1985. Andi is a therapist who focuses on helping children on the autism spectrum. She has made Rock Hill, South Carolina her permanent home at the present time.Even though Andi Rock and a few of her brothers choose a more low-key lifestyle, the Rock family as a whole is very encouraging of one another.

Andi Rock Net Worth

It is speculated that her wealth does not exceed $1 million. Despite the fact that her brother is a well-known actor, Andi has managed to keep a low profile.

Andi Rock Parents

Andi Rock’s dad, Julius, was a newspaper carrier and truck driver. Her biological mother, Rosalie Rock, was a teacher and social worker. As a result of complications after ulcer surgery, her father passed away in 1988.

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The Andi Rock Siblings

Chris Rock is the eldest of Andi’s seven siblings, which also includes Jordan Rock, brother Kenny Rock, brother Andre Rock, brother Tony Rock, brother Brian Rock, and older half-brother Charles Rock, who passed away in 2006 from a lengthy struggle with alcoholism. The youngest of the Rock kids is named Andi. Chris’s buddies Jordan, Tony, and Kenny soon followed him into show business.

Andi Rock’s Husband

Andi Rock’s current boyfriend, Brett Nelson, is someone she started seeing in the middle of the 2010s. The two are big football fans and frequently attend games together. In the end, they tied the knot in the middle of November in 2020. They exchanged tokens in a private ceremony.

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