Amber Heard Dating History and Relationships

Amber Heard Dating History

Amber Heard is not a new to the limelight as an actress. Her high-profile relationships, like her marriage to and defamation trial from ex-husband Johnny Depp, have been in the headlines just as much as her professional successes, even though she got her start in Hollywood with small roles on shows like The O.C. and made her film debut in Friday Night Lights. She has been linked to Cara Delevingne, Elon Musk, and other celebrities after coming out as bisexual in 2010. Continue reading to learn about all of  Amber Heard Dating History and Relationships.

Ree Tasya

From 2008 till 2012, they were in relationship. Heard legally changed her name to Van Ree over the course of their courtship. Heard was arrested after an altercation with Van Ree at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2009. However, no charges of domestic abuse were filed against Heard. In June of 2016, the painter said the incident was misunderstood.

Two influential people misinterpreted and sensationalised an occurrence, leading to the false accusation that Amber was involved. As soon as they found out we were more than just “friends,” their misogynistic attitudes shifted into outright homophobia. We were informed by Van Ree that the allegations against her were dismissed, and that she would soon be freed. “It’s unfortunate that more doubts have been cast on Amber’s account. Amber is an admirable combination of intelligence, integrity, and beauty. We were roommates for five years and are still very close.”

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Johnny Depp

After meeting each other on the set of 2009’s The Rum Diary, rumours began to circulate that Johnny Depp and Heard were an item. After being married since 2015, the actress filed for divorce 15 months later. Former spouses continue to accuse each other of domestic violence despite their 2016 divorce.After being called a “wife beater” in The Sun, the Oscar nominated filed suit in 2018. After two years, the High Court ruled that The Sun’s article was not libellous since Heard’s claims were basically truthful.

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Cara Delevingne

In 2016, as Amber was going through a nasty divorce from Johnny, she was rumoured to be dating British model Cara Delevingne. While Amber was in London filming a movie in September, The Sun on Sunday reported that the two were growing close. Until “the wee hours of the morning,” they have been “saw at the hotel plenty,” a source said, adding, “they are always very giggly and thick as thieves.” Two months later, in December, they were seen leaving Rihanna’s party together after being seen leaving a coffee shop in October. However, the alleged lovers never addressed the rumours directly.

Elon Musk

Heard has denied reports that she cheated on Depp with tech millionaire Elon Musk while they were both still married, saying instead that she and Musk started dating after their respective 2016 divorces from Depp and Talulah Riley became finalised.

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Vito Schnabel

As of May 2018, the Aquaman starlet has been dating art dealer Vito Schnabel. The following month they were spotted holding hands and looking very happy in New York City, but they ended their relationship after a little over a year of dating. ‘Long distance’ was the reason for the breakup, a source informed Us Weekly. In the past, rumours have circulated that Vito dated German supermodel Heidi Klum for three years.

Andreas Muschietti

Heard started dating filmmaker Andy Muschietti in May of this year, but they broke up before the year was through. No one really knows what happened during their brief romance.

After a year of sharing Instagram posts as a couple, they broke up in August of 2017. However, they were back together within five months.

Bianca Butti

After being photographed having a passionate makeout session with cinematographer Bianca Butti in Palm Springs, California in January 2020, Heard made their relationship public.

Reports in The Mirror from December 2021 state that the pair had been “months apart” before to their breakup, suggesting that distance had a fatal effect on their relationship. Butti was working in Los Angeles while Heard was filming “Aquaman 2” in England.

Valentino Lanus

In 2006, the Aquaman actress and the Telenovelas star were quietly dating. The Mexican actor was already a famous face from acting in multiple soap operas, but their 10-month romance didn’t seem to matter.

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